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  1. v4rley

    Brink / Thule Towbar fitment, missing ball

    My A4 has the towbar fitting but unfortunately is missing the detachable part. I have tried scouring the internet but cannot see to find this part anywhere. Has anyone got this setup who could share a photo of the missing part? Or know if they would be interchangeable with other brink fittings...
  2. v4rley

    For Sale 2008 Audi A4 B7 Avant SLine 2.0TDI

    2008 (08) Audi A4 Avant Sline 2.0TDI (170bhp) Diesel Manual 6 speed Silver 102k MOT: 31/8/19 Tax: £195 annually Price: £3000 Spec: Sline styling Rear parking sensors Built in sat nav (rns-e) Oem Bluetooth hands free Cruise control Ambient front interior lighting Coming home...
  3. v4rley

    Rear brake / abs fault mot fail

    Just got myself a nice B6 avant for a fixer up for my new ‘daily’ unfortunately only a FSI, but very high spec so all good Anyway onto the problem, so it fails on several brake issues on the rear. So my plan of action is to do discs and pads, and replace n/s rear caliper but maybe both. My...
  4. v4rley

    Drivers door handle replacement mirror icons

    has anyone manage to source new mirror icons for the drivers grab handle ? Mine are worn and appears you can only get replacement with an entire new handle if I’m correct Photo to show which part obviously not my handle as these are still legiable 10089
  5. v4rley

    Door warning lights retro fit not working

    im trying to retrofit door warning lights, I have piggybacked the earth in pin 21. But not getting any luck with power, I have tried both pin 13 & 17 but nothing. I’m on a 08 plate with date of March 08 on the controller. I have tried unplugging the harness from the body of the car and also...
  6. v4rley

    HELP! Drive Shaft seized into hub

    I am in progress of changing both my CV boots and have successfully completed the passenger’s side a couple of day ago. Yesterday evening i made a start on the drives side all was going well and everything was freed apart from the shaft from the hub. i am running out of ideas of what to do...