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    Front drop link

    Hi guys , Quick question My car is a 2013 1.8 8v fwd with only 38,000kms. I am hearing some knocking noises while driving slowly over rough roads. So I jacked up the front and I was able to move the drop link by simply putting my hand on the bar and shaking it. I find this is strange with...
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    Rear abs sensor

    Hi guys , How difficult is it to change the rear abs sensors? I'm getting a fault on my rear left wheel. Would i need to remove the brake pads/caliper/ rotor ? Or can I just replace it from the back of the wheel hub ? Car is a 8v 2013 1.8tfsi fwd Thanks for your help, don't want to go...
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    Help - found loose part

    Ok guys so some days ago my 2014 8v 1.8tfsi overheated and I carried it in , they changed the water pump unit (thermostat /pump/ coolant sensor ) or so they said . Anyways all was fine for a week after that. Today I decided to change the oil and I found this (pics attached ) on the floor of the...
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    Hi everyone, My car is an a3 8v 1.8tfsi fwd (2014)model Never had any issues with the car until today. Started in the morning like I usually do, gave it a couple minutes to warm up like I usually do. After about 10 minutes of driving i noticed the coolant temperature guage was about 2 or 3...
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    audi beam welcoming lights

    hey guys, so i bought the cogeek set from amazon us site (14.99 usd a pair) Installation was easy, a bit tight to fit in but be gentle no worries. The projected image is not bad, not the sharpest but not bad at all here is a video.
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    How many Karl's own a3/s3s?

    I swear I keep seeing more and more karls
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    exhaust effects question

    hey guys , if i put my a3 1.8tfsi in dynamic and in park( i will try it tomm) and revv it , will i get the same exhaust effects as i do on gear changes while driving? a sorta burble i know you get it on the rs3 and prob s3
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    1.8tfsi fwd oil change, some pics

    Did an oil change today, didn't change the oil filter though since the filter only has 5000kms on it. Took a few pics
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    anyone has a link to a diy oil change video ?

    trying to service myself and save some $, i know i will need vcds to reset service reminder, but it shouldn't do any harm if it isn't reset.? did the oil change many times on japs, never on euro, so i looking for a vid before i go experimenting. thanks a lot. karl.
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    new rs3 on the ring

    not sure if a repost
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    strange dsg7 behaviour last night

    hi, so after some somewhat heavy stop and go traffic last night (i've been in worse). The traffic finally cleared and i proceeded to accelerate the car but it wouldn't leave second gear(well it indicated it was in d2) and it was also rev limiting at about 2000-2500 rpms. No warning symbols or...
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    dsg sport and dynamic mode the same?

    hi, apart from suspension/steering changes,when you pull back on the gear shifter to go into 'S' is this the same as selecting dynamic from drive select? or can i choose dynamic and also pull back to 'S' and get added/combined engine performance? thanks for the help.
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    1.8 tfsi dsg7 breathing sound

    hey any of you guys with the 1.8tfsi or dsg 7 get this sound when you shut off? I have ruled out the A/C since it does it without me even using the a/c.
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    Top up oil

    Hi guys, my car is the fwd 1.8tfsi and I noticed the oil is at the lower end of the stick , not quite at the lowest mark but kinda close . The car has done 4700kms and was max when I got it. I am a bit concerned with this amount of consumption. My car didn't come with a bottle of top up oil...
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    pressure release sound from engine bay when engine is stopped

    hi all, i have the fwd 1.8tfsi, 4700kms does anyone hear a sort of hissing (pressure release) sound that pulses (hisss stop hiss stop etc.) when they switch off their engine when returning home from a trip with the car?? the sound only lasts a couple of seconds . I am not sure if it is venting...
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    flac audio

    hi, will try tomm, but does anyone know if the system can play flac audio stored on sdcards?
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    dsg 7 oil swap recall

    what did you guys hear about this? anyone did it yet? recall to swap the synthetic oil in the dsg 7 to mineral oil VW recalling 2.64M vehicles worldwide over engine, light issues - Autoblog
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    software update?

    hi guys, (i have the 1.8tfsi dsg7) I went to audi germany's recall page (google translate) Rückrufaktionen > Audi Deutschland entered my vin and it came up with this issue (re-typed in google translate) software update engine control id - 24AB anyone did this update or has any idea...
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    am i the only a3 dsg7 owner hearing this noise?

    hi everyone, am i the only a3 dsg7 owner hearing this noise? VW DSG7 Noise - YouTube (the video isnt my car btw) i hear it only over rough road with the windows down and stereo off. my engine is the 1.8tfsi dsg7 please let me know. I have not seen anyone on this forum talk about this...