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    If you get a puncture...

    I'd been warned against using things like that, as when the tyre is punctured, there is a chance that the structure of the tyre may be damaged, hence why you should always change the wheel and get it checked.
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    A3 - 0 Vs CTR - 0

    Crikey, forgot that bit, i'll make sure i remap it :P
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    A3 - 0 Vs CTR - 0

    right, i just raced a new ('04) ctr and a 3.2 A3 around the nordschlieffe this morning, one lap in each car. Firstly, the CTR has much more vibration than the A3. Secondly the A3 sounds much better. On the first lap, the A3 won by 1.7 seconds, on the second lap, it won by 4. I know that its...
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    Diesel Engines....

    Does anyone know if Audi are planning to drop the 2.5 or 3.0 TDI engines into the A3 and if not why not? I would guess maybe a size issue with the 3.0l but the i think the 2.5 would be quite nice! It'd certianly have some poke.
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    Speeding Trials Halted

    Has anyone been caught speeding in Norfolk recently? have a look at this; Equally, if you were caught somewhere else, check your letters!
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    The S Line went back to Dealers for repairs but didnt

    We had a repeating fault with the stereo on our A6 avant, which turned out in the end to be the aerial. They ahd the car in three times trying to sort it. In the end they ordered a whole new unit and then found it was the aerial. Now they're stuck with the unit, because Audi won't let a...
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    Solicitors or Laywers needed!!!

    You'll need to show two things really; 1/ that the damage to your car was caused in the way you are saying and not by stonechips etc 2/ that the damage was caused by the builders. If you can show both of these, you should be fine.