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    Anyone ordered a new S3 yet?

    Can you send me a link to this deal, thinking of leasing one this time. Audi York sent a quote to buy a new one on PCP and even with a £3.2k discount from list price leasing looks to be way cheaper!
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    Service Costs

    I have been ringing dealers in Yorkshire and not got below £300 on a first oil change and inspection on an S3 Wakefield and Leeds quoted £450, Leeds claim 5.7 litres of engine oil costs £120!!! Complete joke
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    S3 8V Costs

    11,500 miles so far and the average is 33.9 mpg, thats with plenty of motorway miles. 40+ is possible in summer
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    Insurance on pfl s3

    Now with AXA at £780 on a FL S3 (only age 23)
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    S3 mpg

    32.8 mpg in 8500 miles on a 2018 FL. Awful MPG in stop start traffic but pretty good a motorway cruise, 40+ is easily possible if you keep it at 70
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    Winter/ Snow Tyres for S3 8v Fl

    I've taken a risk and just bought some Avon WV7's for my S3 getting them fitted this weekend. Not premium but I've heard good things, was only £75 a tyre with all the discounts offered at ATS at the moment, think there £100 at Black Circles. Couldn't really find any premium brands for less than...
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    Soon to be back in an A4!

    Just ordered one from Coventry Audi through Carwow, couldn't believe the discounts on these cars. Mines in Mythos black metallic but its already been built and waiting to be shipped to UK. Seriously an A4 cheaper than a A3 and even a Ford Focus lol (monthly), can't believe it.
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    Audi A4 2.0 TDI Quattro Black Edition

    Hello, Think I'm going to order a brand new A4 (one in thread title) in Misano Red or Sepang haven't decided yet. Since the new A4 is coming soon I'm getting a huge discount on the car (over 25% on PCP). I'm only 20 but I will be covering a lot of motorway miles so thats why I think its a good...