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    Recommended Garage (Worcester / Dudley)

    Hi, I am looking for a recommended garage within the Worcester or Dudley area for servicing and generally any other work.
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    Clear Bluetooth Phone Book

    I have an A3 8P with Audi Concert Radio and BT phone prep. I have managed to delete the phone entries from the speech system but still see the entries when scrolling through the phonebook? Is it possible to clear this as I am selling this car this week?
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    Anyone With Vcds In Wolverhampton/cannock/stourbridge Area?

    I've looked on the map and no-one is listed my area, does anyone have a vcds that could be plugged into my A3. I have a 2.0 Tdi 170 that has the dpf filter light stuck on even after doing the recommended regen drive for 50 mins... Wanted to get a readout if possible before taking into a garage
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    A3 Tdi 170 Dpf Light On...

    The DPF light on my 58 A3 2.0 TDI Quattro 170 has just come on and I've driven it for approx 50 mins on the motorway ay 2500rpm, 60mpn in 5th gear and the light is still on. Could anyone advise if there is anything else I can do before having to resort to taking it into the garage?
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    New Front Fog Surrounds

    Have just had a little accident, ****** snow on the exit road leaving work... went over a speed bump at about 5mph and then braked and hit a ice patch... skidded for a fair distance and had to choose between a grass verge and traffic on the main road that crossed the side road! No major damage...
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    Breakdown Cover?

    Do you get any complimentary breakdown cover with a new A3, my folks got some with their Astra so wondered if Audi offer anything, even if its just short term. I pick up my car tomorrow and want to be covered just in case!
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    It's coming!!! and USB and RNS-E questions

    After ordering my A3 back in Sept I was told that I wouldnt see it this side of xmas and more likely be in Feb so I told the dealer I would hold off until the 09 plate. Got a call on Friday to say that the car had been built and will be with them in 10 - 14 days if I wanted or I can still wait...
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    Adaptive Xenon Lights - what are they like?

    Just been looking at options for the A3 I have on order and was wondering if the adaptive headlights are worth considering, I have already upgraded to the Xenons so is not much of an increase to go for the adaptive ones. Just wondering what people think of them as I have never been in a car with...
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    XBox Live: Fifa 09

    anyone got this? fancy a game?
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    Audi Finance?

    Sorry but not sure what section this should go in.. Is the Audi finance offer an high interest rate as I have noticed in the past dealers tend to be.... Would a bank/building society be a better option? Is the PCP idea any good with the guaranteed buy back fee? Thanks in advance..
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    Mobile Phone Cradles

    Hi, How much are the mobile phone cradles that fit with the newer armrest phone preparation. I have a Samsung G800, is this compatible? If not will have to get a new phone aswell as the new car!!
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    Newbie Here

    Hi, Signed up recently but have read the forums for a while. Am from Wolverhampton.
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    Soon to place an order but undecided on colour, pics wanted please..

    Hi, I have read these forums for a while but this is my first post. I am placing an order for my S-Line 2.0 TDI 170 A3 on Friday but as yet still undecided on colour. I have two that I like but wondered if anyone could post some pics for me to look at to get a better idea... The two colours...