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    Wheel upgrade

    Hello ...can anyone help me with wheels ,would like to upgrade to the look of wheels that concave inwards more , don't know of the terminology for that. I have a B8 Avant Black Edition with 19" rotors.....but look flat to me.
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    Help Please lowering springs low at front than rear

    Hello everybody.....Audi A4 B8 2012 avant black edition....I upgraded to elbach pro line full kit, springs, shocks , mounts, and the front is lower than the back....bare in mind only got her back yesterday....will it even out.... spent a small fortune and not happy with the look..... please...
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    Fog light grille

    Alright troops, can anyone help me with this part, I have a ( 2012 A4 B8 Avant S line Black Edition ) and looking to change the fog light grille to the ( Facelift one ) which is mesh with rectangle fog light. Changing the main grille to mesh rs4 so would like the fog's to match , anal I know...
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    Some ******* scratch my new car !

    Uncool man
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    Brake pad and brake disc upgrade

    Any information out there regarding brake pad, disc upgrade for 2012 b8 avant black edition. Been looking about and its a mine field of different information. Cheers
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    Best wrap in glasgow

    Could anyone suggest the best place t o get a wrap done in glasgow area. Cheers
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    Where in glasgow to re-map

    Just got myself a audi 2012 b8 avant black edition and was looking to do some tinkering with it, was told 1st of all re-map then bigger intake and exhaust. Can any one help me out. Cheers