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    Haldex oil change

    My S3 is almost 3 years old and it's been into Audi for a combined oil change/inspection service. They did the brake fluid change but not the haldex oil. I presume this also needs done (going by the manual). Has everyone changed it at 3 years old?
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    wheel indentation

    No, still on the original tyre. It looks worse in the photos than it feels when you touch it.
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    wheel indentation

    Just noticed under bright lights in the garage there is a bit of an indentation in one of the wheels. It's hard to see unless the light is shining on it at a certain angle (see pics). I'm hoping it's been there all along and a slight flaw in the casting, rather than it happening recently due to...
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    new car - crease on bolster

    PIcked up my new S3, but noticed two (lightish) creases on the right hand side bolster of the drivers seat. I know it wasn't me as I'm very, very careful of not touching the bolster getting in and out, and I don't touch either side when in the seat. I can only presume it was done during the...
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    1.8TFSI and 2.0TFSI S3 : Metallic Rustle/Rattle between 1500-3000 rpm

    I've had the same rattle on two mk6 GTI Golfs for two years, then on my 2.0 TT for the last four it's been around since 2009 on the EA888 engine. They obviously aren't in any hurry to get rid of it :-( I'll not be surprised to hear it on the S3 when it appears....
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    S3 Alcantara

    Hi, Just about to press the button on a new S3 and was going to choose the alcantara over the leather. Loved it in the TT and it wore very well. Anyone whose ordered it on their S3 had any wear issues so far? Trying to find pics, but there don't seem many about and the Audi demo's all had...