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    Shiny after a good detailing and protection!

    How shiny does she look :D I'll have some better shots later. If you want a good detailer I'd definetly recommend Refined Details | Vehicle Detailing & Valeting | Buckinghamshire | Paintwork Correction | Car Valeting Aylesbury | Car Detailing Aylesbury | Car Valeting Milton Keynes | Car...
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    1.4cod or 2.0tdi stronic

    I was referring to the S-Tronic prices at the Basic RRP :) Just a foot note, the extra £1200 difference would be the Quattro as you don't seem to be able to get the 184 S-Tronic without it. S3 Sportback Manual at Basic RRP is £25,366.67 and S-Tronic £26,600.00. But yeah those prices are far...
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    How to add Audi Connect to a MMI Navigation plus touch without SIM Slot on a A3 8V .

    It does come with Wi-Fi, but Wi-Fi doesn't mean internet... just wireless transfer, it allows you to stream music/videos over the Wi-Fi but nothing else. It's a shame you couldn't use the Wi-Fi to data share from your mobile to enable the connect features. Even if the connect does have 4G it...
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    1.4cod or 2.0tdi stronic

    The Saloon S-Line does look the "Cyanistes caeruleus", are you definitely set on the Saloon or would you consider the 184 Sportback? Looking at the difference in price between the 150ps and the 184ps Sportbacks its an increase of around £2500. One would then expect the 184 Saloon to be priced...
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    Driving along in my new Audi A3

    I've already tweaked the bass settings and it wasn't a criticism of the sub itself but perhaps its placement to get the most from it. Overall I think its stupendous! and I'm very pleased with it. I used to do ICE installs with friends in my younger days and spent over £1500 on a system that was...
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    Gap insurance?

    I paid £350 for GAP with Audi, but they also through in Tyre and Wheel Insurance, Smart Insurance and Key Insurance for 3 years as well. All that for 3 years seems pretty decent.
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    1.4cod or 2.0tdi stronic

    I've got a COD with S-Tronic and think its amazing, for a small engine it really does the job! It's super quiet and went you need the power it does feel as though it's there. I've come from an A1 1.6 TDI and don't miss the engine gurgle at all. As you've said the 184 diesel isn't out yet and...
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    Driving along in my new Audi A3

    I'll be sure to give it a whirl soon... perhaps at dinner time whilst the sun is still shining and the roads are a bit more clear!
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    Driving along in my new Audi A3

    I am now the proud owner of a new A3 Sportback S-Line 1.4 COD S-Tronic and can I say, this car is leaps and bounds nicer than my previous A1 S-Line 1.6 TDI. Picking up was a little strange, my sales rep called me up on Thursday evening saying he was working late due to lots of paper work and...
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    New Tyres Ordered

    I went from CONTINENTAL SPORT CONTACT 3 (£150 each) on my A1 to Falken - ZE914 (£85). I prefer the Falken's... quieter and the same amount of grip as the Conti's in my opinion. Not had the chance to drive like a boat with them but in the rain they're pretty decent. I wonder what tyres I'll have...
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    Indicator bulbs

    The reflectors help make those bulbs visible from more angles. The main crux is about people don't notice something that changes instantly and usually relates to the brake lights and not indicators. People will notice a brake light fading on and off more than one that is instantly on or off...
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    Less activity on ASN since March 1st...?

    I'm still here, for at least a week as mines due the next 2 weeks and then ***k all you lot! Ha ha ha! Just kidding ;)
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    Indicator bulbs

    Something like that? You won't be able to get the daytime running lights to indicate without getting the LED light upgrade.
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    S-Line and Xenons

    Sport and SE have halogen lights as standard and can up equipped with Xenons Lights package which includes: - Adaptive headlights with Xenon Plus headlights (PXA) - Light and rain sensor package (PU8) - Interior lighting package (QQ4) S-Line and S3 come with Xenon Plus headlights as standard...
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    S3 Saloon in the BTCC

    Are you talking about the car or the pretty young lady?
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    Boot Lighting

    You get an extra light with the Storage and luggage compartment package which is standard on the S-Line.
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    Amazing COD.....

    Better CO2 emissions, for those that want no tax to pay... also puts at least one model in the A band for tax. Loving that people are really enjoying their COD and chips! I should be getting mine at the end of the month!! :D
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    Adding notification sounds to Audi Connect / MMI Plus

    Can you imagine being with a new girlfriend or wife and "Beep Beep, you are approaching a gentleman's club"
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    Where do you put your keys?

    Simples, just use a sandwich bag or your favourite flavour of comdom ;)
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    DIS symbol?

    According to the Audi website under safety > integral safety > seat belts: This does imply they work the same way... or do you just get the flashy red dude on the DIS instead of the chime?