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  1. CarterRS

    Rs3 to rs5

    Has anyone moved from an rs3 to an rs5 or an rs5 to an rs3? What's the overall opinion on them?
  2. CarterRS

    Upgrade, downgrade or sidestep?

    So a couple of months a go I got a really strong offer for my stage 1 fl rs3 saloon from dream car giveaways, I thought about it for about a week and decided to except. I've got a golf R Estate for a work car so I thought I would save abit of money and stick with that for a little bit. Well...
  3. CarterRS

    0-60 times using Dragy

    After getting the rs3 mapped a couple of weeks ago i decided to get myself a dragy and see how quick it actually was. Was expecting around 3.7 0-60, best run out of 3 was 3.36. It felt rapid! How does that compare to anyone elses?
  4. CarterRS

    Pfl RS3 or M140i

    As above really! I know posting on here might be slightly one sided but you never know Yesterday i was lucky enough to win a bmw m140i shadow edition Stage 2 440bhp Went to pick it up today and the first impressions.... its fast! Like properly fast lol Had abit of fun with the rs3 aswell...
  5. CarterRS

    Pfl remap

    Ive Decided to book in with mrc for a stage 1 remap. The car is currently standard. Ive noticed on their Facebook page some pfl's have the asbo pops and bangs added aswell. How will the car sound after the remap? Being a pfl it sounds amazing as it is. I wouldnt want to change it to much...
  6. CarterRS

    Golf R to RS3

    newbie here... I currently drive a golf R estate which I use for work and do about 50k miles a year. I'm Looking for a fun family car and the RS3 ticks all the boxes. I took a 2016 Nardo Grey for a test drive and was very impressed. my golf is a 2016 aswell but the interior on the Audi is next...