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  1. iyrix

    Extra AUX or second MMI Input - 2010 Special Edition

    Hi Guys, Wonder if you can help, i've currenty got the 3G system which i've updated to the latest firmware and 2015 maps. Now i'm wonder can i add a second MMI or Aux input. I don't want to lose my IPOD MMI as i've got a lot of music on there, but i thought if i have an AUX input i can add...
  2. iyrix

    Front camera retrofit

    Hi Guys, New A6 doesn't have front sensors so I'm looking at the possibility of putting a camera on the fron instead. Has anyone done this or know how i can get it to come up on the screen? i was hoping this would be an alternative to retro fitting sensors... Any help would be great. i've...
  3. iyrix

    A3 TDI Front Suspension help

    Hi Guys, My car's front suspension is very crashy now, i defo need a new set of shocks, but i'm a little unsure on what else i need. I've seen this sachs package that comes with 4 top mounts, but i don't understand why there is 4. Also, is this everything i need or do i still need the...
  4. iyrix

    Clutch Sticking Issue

    Hi Guys, Got an issue where my clutch pedal is sticking. Today i replaced the clutch master cylinder and it has made no difference. When the car is running and out of gear i can press the clutch and it comes back up. When i'm driving it get sticky and does not always come up as it should...
  5. iyrix

    TT 18" Alloys on 245/40/18 - Will they fit?

    Hey guys, As per title... Found some wheels i like, but not sure if they will fit... Front & Rear alloy wheels: 18x9" ET52, 5 x 112, 57.1 bore - Wheel part numbers: 8J0601025AA8Z8 245/40/18 Any help would be great. Cheers. G.
  6. iyrix

    Symphony Upgrade Help (Broken on day 2)

    Hey All, I've found a few answers I need, but now stuck. Got a 2004 with Symphony 2. It died after two days of having the car. Sounds like a bag of nails is stuck inside. How do I know if the system is amplified? (it's not Bose) I plan on upgrading the stereo with a single din Bluetooth...
  7. iyrix

    A3 in the family to go with the A4 :-)

    Hey Guys, Been a member for a while with a B6 A4. Just thought i'd share a picture of the misses new A3. Seems like a great little car! All good so far except the Symphony stereo decided to pack up after two days! :-)
  8. iyrix

    VagCom stopped working

    Hey guys Just went out to use the vagcom. Not used it since I rebuilt my machine. I've only got the VCDS lite. Before I could just see my faults but now I have an error even connecting. I can't remember what I need to do on setup. Do I need to change any port settings etc? Any help will be...
  9. iyrix

    Sport Steering Wheel Re-trim

    Hey Guys, Im getting my steering wheel retrimmed and wondered if anyone else has had it done. Has anyone got a picture of a sport wheel retrimmed? Cheers Graham
  10. iyrix

    Sportec front bumper

    Hey Guys, Anyone know where i can get one of these? Its the Sportec Front lower bumper.. Any idea would be great. Cheers G.
  11. iyrix

    Website Icon

    Hey guys, You have done a great job on the site. Would it be possible to add a site icon? just a final touch to the site. Just an idea. Cheers G.
  12. iyrix

    Noise around turbo / aircon

    Hey guys, I have a funny noise coming from around the turbo. Hard to explain, but I'll give it a go. When slowing down and pulling up at a junction I'm getting a grinding noise If I blip the throttle it goes, but when the revs drop it grinds again. This seems to be louder with the air con...
  13. iyrix

    Sub and Amp - Wiring

    Hey Guys, Need a little help please, Is there an easy way to get power through the bulkhead? I want to fit 2 amp's in the back replacing the standard one. Only problem i have is getting power from the front. Has anyone done this? Cheers Graham
  14. iyrix

    Boot spoiler fitted - Debadged

    Hey guys, Been raining all day but managed to get my "eBay" boot spoiler fitted. I taped it on yesterday morning so it would get the right shape, this made it a lot easier when fixing onto the boot with the attached pads. These pads are so stronge, you cant make any mistakes as its wont move...
  15. iyrix

    Evo Interactive Magazine

    Worth a look. Car mags of the future! Very cool read... 22 Pages
  16. iyrix

    Picture Request Please - RS4 Rep's 18" vs 19"

    Hey Guys, I have looked and managed to find a few of these but im still not sure how much difference there is between 18" and 19". I think i want to go down the 18" route as these are cheaper for the alloys and the tyres. If anyone could post there 18" or 19" so i get an idea that would be...
  17. iyrix

    Stereo Upgrade Help Please..?

    Hi Guys, Going to upgrade my stereo. I've searched through a few posts but cant seem to get the answer im looking for. I have bought the facia plate and that is fine, now i just need to make sure i get the right ISO. I thought i had a rear amp, but looking at the connections im not sure...
  18. iyrix

    Fuel Light on, how many miles left? - 1.9 TDI

    Hi Guys, Just coming up to owning the car a week and half and the fuel light has come on. The computer is showing that i have 55 miles left and its only just on qtr of a tank remaining. Is this normal? Does 50 miles so about right? Cheers Graham
  19. iyrix

    My Car on DW... linky

    Hey Guys, Clean my new car last weekend. Did a small write up for DW. Just like to share with you.. Thanks Graham
  20. iyrix

    Seat Back Panel - Broken

    Hi Guys, Got a broken back on my drivers seat. Looks like the bottom clips are broken, but im not too sure how i can take it off to fix. These are the pictures i've managed to take. Can any let me know how i can remove this and fix it? This is looking up a the connections Thanks Graham