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  1. AudiLeon96

    Virtual Cockpit Interface

    Hi guys, just wondered if it were possible to update/upgrade the user interface in line with those of newer models. Quite like how it looks and was curious to see if one could achieve the gen 2 interface on gen 1 virtual cockpit. Gen 1 Gen 2 Thanks
  2. AudiLeon96

    Another Lowering spring question (S3)

    So I'm after a set of the absolute lowest lowering springs. After much research my choice has been narrowed down to: H&R 28810-1 H&R 28826-2 I'm aware that (28810-1) is a revised version but I still haven't been able to figure out a definite answer as to which of the two above achieves the...
  3. AudiLeon96

    Extortionate service price S3 8V

    Hi guys hope everyone is well, As the title suggests, I have my 2017 S3 booked in for the 21st of this month for its first service. The car has only covered 1800 miles but as its approaching 2 years old the inspection message has come up on the dash. I called my local audi to book it in and the...
  4. AudiLeon96

    Anyone upgraded from B&O sound system to an aftermarket setup?

    Hi guys, As the title suggests, has anyone upgraded the sound system (mainly door speakers) from the B&O system to an aftermarket one? Dont get me wrong the B&O sounds nice but it's quite bass heavy and when you reduce the bass, everything sounds a little flat. I've played around with the...
  5. AudiLeon96

    Picked up my new S3

    So yesterday I picked up my new (to me) car. Its a 2017 S3 black edition finished in Audi Exclusive Turqoise mica metallic. I'll be honest, I wasn't looking to buy a car until I stumbled across this one on the Audi approved used site. Now I'm a die hard 3 door fan so it was sad news when...
  6. AudiLeon96

    A3/S3 8P options/spec sheet

    Hi guys, Does anyone have a pdf file of the options/spec list available for the 8p chassis. Would be interested to see full list of optional extras available from factory. I'm sure I saw it posted on here somewhere a while ago but the file was broken. Feel free to post if you can reel all the...
  7. AudiLeon96

    Pics of your S3 on H&R springs

    Hi guys, Anyone care to post pics of your S3 with H&R springs fitted. I'm wanting to start a build thread in the near future but get the majority of parts now. I know there were previously alot of pics on here but with the whole photobucket thing I can't view alot of them. So any pics would be...
  8. AudiLeon96

    Why do drivers move their head forward when accelerating

    Hi guys, Never really understood this phenomenon but what else better to think about at midnight. As the title says, why is that when drivers accelerate (usually from standstill) they move/lean their heads forward into acceleration? I see this very often whether it be a 90hp polo cutting me up...
  9. AudiLeon96

    8p side assist possible?

    So after a while looking online at things I don't need I stumbled across mirror caps for the 8p chassis with the cut out for the side assist led's (pictures attached) although I'm sure the a4/a5, both vehicles that are equipped in some specs with side assist have identical mirror caps. Now I've...
  10. AudiLeon96

    Quick wiring question

    If I had a typical vw/audi plug where I needed to tap into wire/pin 1, assuming I unpinned wire 1 from the plug and manage to squash another wire into that pin (so there are now 2 wires in one pin) would current flow through both wires when reconnected or would both wire's not work due to the...
  11. AudiLeon96

    Will rs3 exhaust work on s3?

    So guys any help is greatly appreciated. I'm interested in fitting the oem valve controlled rs3 exhaust to my s3 8p 3dr. Anybody know what is involved in getting the valve open/close feature to work. Of course I'd need the centre dash buttons with the "S" buttons as pictured below and I assume...
  12. AudiLeon96

    Audi 8p to 8v facelift airbag wiring help

    Hi guys. Been dormant on audi sport for a while but could really use someone's help. I'm currently trying to make progress fitting an s3 8v flat bottom mfsw from a 17 plate to my 2012 8p which had round bottom mfsw. I've unpinned the new airbag and I'm trying to pin it according to the order of...
  13. AudiLeon96

    Air bag removal please help!!

    Anybody know how to remove the airbag from a 2016 audi tt 8s shape? There aren't any screws behind the steering wheel. Could really use some help with this please. Thanks in advance
  14. AudiLeon96

    Air bag removal please help!!

    Anybody know how to remove the airbag from a 2016 audi tt 8s shape? There aren't any screws behind the steering wheel. Could really use some help with this please. Thanks in advance
  15. AudiLeon96

    Please help, door blades

    Hi guys, I've just been to tps and bought what I thought were S3 3dr door blades, I've just gotten home and checked the part number and it doesn't seem to be correct. It seems as though they've ordered me the rub strips on the side of the door. What I need help with: I really need the part...
  16. AudiLeon96

    Help fitting A5 seats in 3dr 8p

    So recently I managed to source a set of full leather S-line seats from an A5 coupe for £150. I've been able to fit the front two by grinding down one locator lug on each side (pics of front seats below) Don't worry I've already been flamed for my taste (or lack of it regarding the white...
  17. AudiLeon96

    Door mirror help?

    Right so I just bought a dumbo wing mirror from a 2010 a3 5dr sport back to fit onto my a3 3dr. Will these fit? I know I've clearly done things the wrong way round by buying first and questions later but any help would be greatly appreciated so I can either swap or sell it Thanks in advance guys
  18. AudiLeon96

    Quick interior update

    Just a quick update on my interior. I dyed the carpets black on Sunday Which was a relatively easy but Time consuming job let alone that my car smells of permanent marker now. I also put the centre console back in that I sprayed white, oh yeah and the white leather knee pads, here are a few pics...
  19. AudiLeon96

    Parking light / sidelight wire color

    Hi everyone, I'm wanting to tap into the sidelight/parking light wire in order to attach another light that will come on when the sidelight is on. I tried measuring each pin of the socket for current but unfortunately couldn't get a reading. My headlights are the standard halogens on 8p models...
  20. AudiLeon96

    Can someone help me sideskirts please?

    Hi everyone, I've already searched the forum but nobody has seemed to have the problem I'm having, for the past day I've been trying to fit s3 style sideskirts to my 3 door a3. I bought these from a sight called nktuning so these are not oem skirts. I've managed to fit the main skirt but im...