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  1. Madmo

    Slight Stutter

    Hi guys Just been out in the RS for a wee blast and noticed something. When i was driving along in 7th at 60 there was this ever so slight and faint stutter intermittently so i put the foot down it changed down into 5th then the traction control light started flashing and i had hardly any power...
  2. Madmo


    Fitted a DTUK tuning box today to my S3 have to say I’m well impressed it has really brought the car to life. I have only really tried the Sport map and the Efficiency map. sport map makes it more aggressive around 3500rpm onwards efficiency map gives it equal power through the whole rev...
  3. Madmo

    Drive system fault

    Just wondering if anyone has experienced a Drive System Fault on their 8Y S3 ? was out in the car tonight put it into S to pass a few cars but when I put the foot down this error popped up on the dash with a yellow light in the shape of a car with an exclamation matk in it, Also got a yellow...
  4. Madmo

    Tuning boxes

    Hi has anyone fitted a Performance tuning box to their 8Y S3? I'm in the market for one but not sure which one is the best to go for, there's a few that claim power increases of 73ps, I'm also sceptical about the safety to my engine seen as it's only done 1100 miles lol I just feel that...
  5. Madmo

    Virtual cockpit

    Hi does anyone know if you can display the gear number your in on the new S3 virtual cockpit? I can see it when I select S or M mode but when I go into normal D mode all I see is a D with no numbers
  6. Madmo


    Hi I just picked up my new 2021 S3 Saloon last night and I'm needing to know what size the USB ports are so I can get a charging cable for my iphone? Thanks Mo
  7. Madmo

    Sat Nav

    Hi my friend has asked if he could try my SD card for my satnav out my MY20 RS3 to update his expired satnav in his A5 i think its around MY09/10 will this work? it wont damage my card or satnav will it? thanks in Advance
  8. Madmo


    Hi guys just wondering if the rear door speakers have lights on them like the front door speakers? it looks like the rear speakers have lights but i cant find anything in the car settings for the rear speaker lights i am of course speaking about the B&O sound system in my MY20 RS3 saloon just...
  9. Madmo

    Bonnet clips

    hi does anyone know if i can adjust the bonnet clips on my 2020 RS3? When the bonnets closed and im cleaning it the passenger side catch has movement in it like the bonnet hasnt fully closed even though it has Thanks
  10. Madmo

    Folding mirrors

    Hi does anyone know if you can set the folding mirrors to unfold when you unlock the car? at the moment they fold when you lock but don't unfold until you start the car up or turn the ignition on at least, very annoying
  11. Madmo

    GAP Insurance

    Hi guys just wondering what company you have used for GAP insurance seen as Audi want £749 for the RS3 Sport edition im getting? Also has anyone taken out the Service & Maintenance plan with Audi? is it any good, worth the money or a load of B*****ks
  12. Madmo

    MMI Screen

    is there anyway I can raise the MMI screen to clean it without having it powered up as i dont want to damage it with it being on?
  13. Madmo

    Pressure behind fuel cap.....

    Hi guys can anyone (veeeight) tell me why when I remove my fuel cap to refill i get a sudden burst of pressure releasing past the cap when i loosen it off. Is this normal?
  14. Madmo

    OMG Turbo whine I wouldn't mind

    Check this beast out
  15. Madmo

    Quick question

    today my car come up with the Automatic start/stop function fault in the DIS. My question is will this be logged in the memory and will i do any damage if i continue to keep driving it? I know there is many threads on this fault but i cant find the answer to the questions i have asked.
  16. Madmo

    Only half privacy glass

    It was brought to my attention today that I only have the side rear windows tinted with privacy glass. The rear window is clear. I did wonder when I picked the car up but I just thought it varied in darkness across models. So Ive phone the dealer I bought it from to complain as its on my order...
  17. Madmo

    Adjusting headlights

    right I have searched the forum regarding this and cant find anything regarding my issue so i must apologise if it has been posted before, My question is How do you adjust the Headlights on a S3 Saloon MY15? They arent adaptive type just the standard Xenons. I had it in at Dundee Audi today...
  18. Madmo

    95 or 98?

    What does everyone use in their S3 300ps model petrol wise, Premium 95 unleaded or 98 Ron? Just wondering as I've only filled mines up once since I got it and I put in Tesco premium 95 RON. Is that ok? Mo
  19. Madmo

    Has anyone got............

    a DTUK fitted to their 8V S3 300ps engine? If you do does it make much of a difference? I've had a look on the DTUK website and it appears I can get a pedal box for my 2015 S3 300ps engine for Only £179 and they claim it takes it upto 363ps, that sounds like a No brainer but I'm a bit dubious...
  20. Madmo

    Just saying Hi

    Hi all been a Audi owner for 8 years now, Just picked up my 5th new Audi on Friday a lovely Brilliant Red S3 Saloon. anyway just thought I would stop by and say Hello :thumbs up: Mo