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    What's Your S3 Mileage?

    I sold my a3 1.8t with 164k on nearly 3 years ago and saw it driving the other day when I was on way to work! I wonder what miles are on there now? It also had a "bang tidy" sticker on the back !?
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    You May Want To Close Your Eyes Before Opening This Thread.

    Sometimes when I dont have much on ,I look on barry boys ,its usually amusing but this made me do a small puke in my mouth .
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    your car has a dump valve as standard , it may be worn and need replacing though if it sounds "flappy" like a rally car.
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    Running Two Different Tyre Sizes... Help

    It goes bananas and traction control light flashes . I tried this
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    front shock removal problem

    Hi all , thought i would install my coilovers today on my 1.8t sport. Trouble is when i was attempting to slacken the nuts on the top of the struts ( inside engine bay), the bit where you insert the allen head to hold them still,while you undo the 21mm nut ( I was using a modified...
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    Jack's 1.8T AGU build story..

    Sweet ..... same colour as mine too. Have you got s3 brakes on yet will you be changing the rears?
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    Looking for any info if this is a known car...

    Sounds like the steering rack which involved removal of sub frame so quite pricey I got a used rack from eBay for 120 and then a few hours labour
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    lol ad

    I suppose this is the wrong section but it was amusing so im sharing it here too , for sale down the road from me, a work of genius.... Banham X99 Kit Car based Metro 1.4 Audi TT lookalike, targa roof ;) no px/swaps | eBay
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    recaros stuck after head on collision , want to remove from car

    seats are free now with some help from Jims3 yesterday, thanks very much !
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    took delivery of my broken s3 today ......

    Jay , its a honda s2000 air filter on there, cost about 15 quid in euro car parts and slides straight onto the maf once the airbox is removed. I have a pipercross panel filter if you wanted to keep the airbox.
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    took delivery of my broken s3 today ......

    I am going to do that , my insurance have a habit of transfering me from department to department, and then either promising to call back, or just hanging up! Anyone know who to contact regarding complaining about an insurance company, because apparently Churchill dont have a complaints dept!?
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    took delivery of my broken s3 today ......

    but my tom tom no longer works:mad:
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    took delivery of my broken s3 today ......

    got my belongings today... all slung in a bin bag with no care and looked as though they had been booted around, car shampoo leaked all over my sat nav, and a painting given to us as a gift all scrunched up and stuffed in the bag.
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    RIP Audi a3 :((

    i have my courtesy car for ten days after they send the cheque
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    recaros stuck after head on collision , want to remove from car

    Happy new year all.... my S3 was in a head on collision a little while back and was declared a cat b write off. I have since got the car back from the insurance and am storing it in a mates barn. I was passing today and popped in to have a look at the car, and...
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    RIP Audi a3 :((

    gutted mate know how you feel, as Jo said, dont accept the insurance companies first offers!
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    took delivery of my broken s3 today ......

    yeah , just finished detailing it for the winter , and build quality is fantastic am definatly looking to buy another audi, if that had been any of my first cars, it would of been bye bye legs!
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    took delivery of my broken s3 today ......

    yeah pretty gutted to see her lookin so sad but on the plus side I have my tt comps back and all 4 are good. for those that asked , I was hit by some punk in an out of control mini on my side of the road on a bend around a month ago. I have nearly got it all sorted with insurance , I still have...