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  1. kaitracid

    will 235/45/17 work on A3? or stick to 225/45/17?

    Hello, I am searching on ebay 17" wheels with tires mounted (5 spoke s-line model) and I find many from A4 and A6. They have ET45 and it seems that is also ok for the A3. But most of them have fitted 235/45/17 tires. Should I buy them like this or stick with 225/45/17? What are the...
  2. kaitracid

    ET for 17" wheel question

    Can you please help me with an information: I need to know what J and ET I can put on a 17" wheel. This information is on a conformity certificate I think and I don't have it. I would like to know what is the minimum ET for the wheel... Thank you!