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    Drivers side heater issue

    Mixer motor is probably sticking due to lack of lubrication, search for detailed info but it's in the drivers foot well and unfortunately unlike the other four, that one is a total pain to reach and remove. I gave up trying to remove it and pried open the motors cover in situ to access the...
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    Water ingress / wet carpets

    Unrelated, but what is that triangle like box in the foreground for?
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    Battery issue

    Batteries don't like the cold, and diesel engines don't like lots of short start/stops as it takes a lot out of the battery. If you're going to run a vacuum I'd keep the engine running personally.
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    Slow wiper mechanism repair

    Followed this guide today, thanks very much it was extremely helpful. The lack of photo's didn't hurt things to much as the text was so detailed, but I took a few pics as we went to help Pics started once the wipers were already removed as that's all pretty self explanatory, as well as the area...
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    FWD to Quattro

    I expect they'll be very different, just sell yours and buy a Quattro version.
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    Condensation inside

    Poorly, I remember those days well
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    Condensation inside

    Lol well yes, the Aircon dehumidifies the air. Without it, all the damp from outside air will be pulled inside.
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    B6 1.9 engines

    Yes they're PD engines, a great engine in its day.
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    Gearbox confusion

    I have this exact problem so looked up the GBA gearbox and all I'm seeing is links to Audi A1s...
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    Right I have gotta ask - Cabriolet Headlight Options ?

    I managed to get an aftermarket set by Depo for my saloon on eBay. Have you tried there? Depo lights are popular as they are also sold abroad, but they have a selector switch inside to swap between LHD and RHD.
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    Best oil for 1.9 tdi avf

    Marijz - Honest to god you've been given the information and answer more than once, take the time to read and understand it!
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    Best oil for 1.9 tdi avf

    I'll say, what mileage is it now?
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    Best oil for 1.9 tdi avf

    That's fair, I've always changed at 5k intervals so 505 is ideal, that being said the price difference can often be small now days.
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    Best oil for 1.9 tdi avf

    That's the point, 507 is 'better' in the sense it's long life oil, but tbh the whole long life oil is questionable. You wouldn't keep washing dishes in used dirty water no matter how good the dish soap would you? The 507 long life oil is meant for 10-20k mile changes which is far to long. Focus...
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    Best oil for 1.9 tdi avf

    That's the long life spec isn't it? As long as you're using one of the two PD spec oils 505/507 (I think), you'll be fine regardless of brand. What's actually far more important is how regularly you change the oil, I've always changed at 5k miles.
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    Audi a4 b6 1.9 AVF turbo kick in

    Sounds about right the PD series were always a little laggy Vs the new common rail models, but that's what made them fun. If you want to be certain get vcds and log it on engine -> measuring block 11. This will show you requested boost Vs delivered by the turbo.
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    Coolant Temperature Sensor not working

    Oh wow, intrigued I just checked the V6 model. You really do have to remove the cambelt, what a crazy design!!
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    Coolant Temperature Sensor not working

    If it's like the TDI model, the coolant sensor itself has two circuits to send temperature information so you can have a weird situation where the sensor works on half the circuit only Fit a new one, it's a cheap part and not very difficult to fit in most cases, just have more g12/g13 coolant...
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    Engine mount problem

    Isn't there a low powered 1.9 TDI model in the b7 range? I'd have thought the mount would be identical. Mine has the Passat mounts, changed before I bought the car. I cannot say I notice any issues with vibration, but yes it records a code in the logs
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    Turbo upgrade

    Tbh you're injectors are at their limit at 180, after that you're increasing duration which means higher egt's and smoke. I'd stick where you are. The only turbo's I'd consider changing to are a more modern GTB or gtd turbo and purely for the faster spool up and reliability