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  1. Furkz

    Wing Mirror Trick

    Hi guys i was reading somewhere that when you put your car in reverse the wing mirrors both automatically point downwards to the wheels to aid parking, yet my car doesn't do this. does anyone know how to activate this or set this up? many thanks
  2. Furkz

    Drive Shaft CV Joint Issue

    Hello guys wondering if you can help, i recently had the drivers side cv joint broke, what happened was that it popped out and went bang. so i replaced the whole driveshaft and now when i accelerate at about 65/70mph theres a vibration and sluggishness and than it drives perfect again after...
  3. Furkz

    People Running 19x9J Wheels (Rubbing Issues)

    Hi guys, Im running Porsche Wheels at et40 with 235/35/19 tyres and did some research on here before getting the setup and came to a conclusion that they wouldnt rub. Im only on eibach springs so not ultra low and after a bit of google work i seen a lot of people run this setup without any...
  4. Furkz

    Alloy Wheel Refurb Sussex Area

    Hi guys. Looking to to get some wheels refurb'd and tossing up some options of getting them done properly, stripped and painted. Or going down the mobile wheel refurbing route. Whats the the pros and cons for both please? Also so can anyone recommend a company near the Gatwick area? thanks
  5. Furkz

    Car broken down. Multitronic Gearbox went bang

    Hi I've got a 2005 a4 2.0 tdi 7 speed multitronic and I was driving it today faultlessly and all of a sudden I heard a bang and the car lost all power. When I say all power It revs up but the gears are not selected. So I have no getaway. It doesn't even have park so using the handbrake when...
  6. Furkz

    Wheel Fitment Challenge

    Hi Guys the car - s-line Avant B7 the wheels et60 9x19 Right so the challenge is to fit these wheels and not have any rubbing issues and no fouling and maintaining the ride comfort. So when the mrs is in the car it doesn't knock, bang and rub the car is lowered on eibach springs and I need...
  7. Furkz

    2.0tdi with Revo Remap and 1st MOT

    Hi my car is due its 1st MOT after having a revo remap installed. I was wondering whats it like passing emmissions with a remap. I am going to get a full major service before the mot but was wondering if theres anything else that needs doing. The car itself is in tip top condition all round...
  8. Furkz

    Uprated Brakes For Avant 2.0 TDi

    Hi Guys, i own a 2005 A4 Avant SLine 2.0TDi and recently had it revo remapped, now my issue is i think the brakes are not up to it, especially in this weather so was looking at a bit of an upgrade. Also the brakes need to fit under the standard 5 spoke s line 18" wheels i dont want to go...
  9. Furkz

    Rear Parking Sensors (Installation)

    hi guys, literally just bought a universal parking sensor kit for the rear and was curious if anyone's fitted them before on a B7 Avant? i've seen how to do it on some american car (youtube) but the rear of the bumper looks pretty complicated and feeding the wires into the boot looks a paid...
  10. Furkz

    Braking Vibration

    Hi, I have a 2005 2.0 tdi 140 7 speed auto avant and I've noticed lately that my brake pedal vibrates slightly when the car has warmed up. This is only When Coming to a complete stop. The brakes work fine and stop well but in the last moment of stopping there is a vibration. Went to get all...
  11. Furkz

    Rear Wiper Mod

    Hi guys has no one modded the rear wiper on an avant yet. It's ineffective and squeaky. All it does at best is smear the water around. Isn't there a mod maybe like the flexiblades where it wipes silently. I've only just got the car and worked out how to switch it on. Switching it off is a...
  12. Furkz

    ALL LIGHTS - Front Facing

    hi, i have S-Line A4 B7 Avant 2005 and thinking of changing all the lightbulbs at the front to ice white. The Phillips Diamond white really take my fancy with some led sidelights and ice white fogs... what i wanted to know is it only the side light bulbs that throw up an error code on the dash...
  13. Furkz

    Glove Box Broken

    Hi i have a problem where I pull the latch and there is no connection between the handle and the 2 plastic pins either side to release and open the glovebox. Can I buy just the latch opening handle or do I need to replace the whole glovebox. I have done a ghetto fix at the moment and don't...
  14. Furkz

    Old Man from Sussex

    Hi my name if Furkz and based win West Sussex Gatwick. Work in Surrey so well around the area. Used to own a few VW and moved to Audi 5 years so with a 8G Cabriolet and love modifying cars. Last Monday I picked up my 2nd Audi A4 Avant B7 S-Line and love it DSG, Leather and diesel. Yes I know...