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  1. .Ben.

    Anyone in the Surrey area... [tool loan]

    Able to lend me some spring compressors? Or recommend where I might hire some? My top mounts maybe on their way out... :thumbsup: EDIT: Thanks for any help, not sure if spring compressors are rated for strength - will any make do?
  2. .Ben.

    Boost leak

    Please bear with me if I've got my terminology wrong... I've apparently got a boost leak between my dump valve and actuator (IIRC) that is giving me an EML. Dan (beachbuggy) read the code for me, but I was unusually inattentive and neglected write down the fault code. Is it a straightforward...
  3. .Ben.

    Rear Wheel Speed Sensor

    Is it worth going genuine for this (£64), or would a Pagid-branded replacement from ECP (£44) suffice?
  4. .Ben.

    Headlight restoration...

    Has anyone used this with any degree of success? Or have any suggestions for achieving 'like new' results, without having a DA. Here's an informative 3M video, narrated by Siri's cousin.
  5. .Ben.

    Play in steering over uneven surfaces?

    On the drive into work today, I noticed a barely perceptible 'looseness' through the steering wheel over rutted and uneven road surfaces. I've not experienced wandering on high-speed roads or any instability/ lack of confidence while braking. I've also not yet noticed any uneven tyre wear, so...
  6. .Ben.

    Changing career path @ 36?

    [WARNING! First-world problem ahead!] :blink: I'm just about to turn 36 and I've started to have a bit of a crisis. I've been unchallenged in my job for some time now and fancy a change to keep me motivated. I enjoy and am very good at what I do (senior creative producer/ designer/ animator...
  7. .Ben.

    Any seasonal EuroCarParts discount codes?

  8. .Ben.

    Using TPS?

    Anyone able to let me know how I go about using TPS? I'm not a business and I realise the service exists for the trade but I see a lot of people mention TPS as though they're using their local motor factor. If I want to register to become a TPS customer, I have to be a business. So, do I...
  9. .Ben.

    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

    Ok, saw this last night in 3D HFR. The film is good (6.5/10) & feels very much like The Fellowship of the Ring - lots of similar shots - to the point that it felt like I was watching the same film, on occasion. But at 3 hours long, I have to confess that it did feel a bit stretched. The CG, in...
  10. .Ben.

    Any friendly VAG-COM/ VCDS owners in Guildford or Surrey area?

    Not sure what the protocol is on this but I've just had an EML appear (with no discernible symptoms) and would like to know what the fault is so that I can get it sorted and replace the offending component(s) before my mammoth road-trip to Cornwall this weekend. Any help greatly appreciated...
  11. .Ben.

    Any friendly VAG-COM/ VCDS owners in Guildford or Surrey area?

    Just had an EML with no discernible symptoms but would like to know what the fault is so that I can get it sorted before my mammoth road-trip to Cornwall this weekend. Any help greatly appreciated!
  12. .Ben.

    All those with an iPhone/ iPad...

    Google Maps app is now available in the App Store. Praise the lawd.
  13. .Ben.

    Cheapo short-shifter...

    Seen this raved about by quite a lot of the TTF guys. Any of you used one? Cheap eBay Short Shift
  14. .Ben.

    Moose Motorsport - VAG Specialist - A recommendation

    Just a quick post to wholeheartedly recommend the services of Chris, a motor-sport engineer, all-round VAG enthusiast and nice chap. His prices are *very* reasonable, he's extremely knowledgeable & has an impeccable work ethic. If you're looking for a specialist in the North-West London area...
  15. .Ben.

    Specialists in the SE able to retro-fit cruise control to my 02 S3?

    I would go to Awesome but it's just so very far away! I'm also sure it's a simple enough job, but I'm not inclined to get jiggy with my electrics. Can anyone recommend a specialist in the Surrey area that may be able to help?
  16. .Ben.

    Breakers: Recommendations

    I need a few oily bits for my car and wondered if you guys could recommend any that are known for supplying good-quality used parts?
  17. .Ben.

    Front ARB needs replacing?

    Just taken my new-to-me S3 for a check-up at a garage. On my drive home last night, I'd noticed a slight knocking noise from the front, present when I went over larger bumps. The garage have just told me that my front ARB bushes are shot and that I'll need to replace my whole front ARB at a...
  18. .Ben.

    Hi from Surrey. Deposit down on an 8L.

    Just put a deposit on my first S3 (an 8L). 2002, FSH, 90k. Needs a cambelt soon and a Haldex service (booked for Friday). Dewy tip.