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    lead swap?

    Hi, I bought a official vag-com lead etc a couple of years ago for my s3 it was a serial-usb one.S3 has now been sold and my bro has a ed 30 golf which i believe is can,is there anyway of swapping the serial for a can lead??I'm sure the vag-com uk site no longer exists?
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    S3 gone ,not forgotton

    Hi Guys, My S3 is now sold so thought i'd post up and wish everyone the best ,had fun with it over the years and probably spent a bit too much on it! If anyone ever needs any advice on tuning then drop me a mail and i'll try and help to the best of my ability.Thanks.
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    How to get rear seats out of s3?

    Going to santa pod tommorrow ,will save me a bit of time in the morning if i roughly know what i need to do,thanks for the help.
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    Little bit in golf+ mag

    There's a little bit about my s3 in golf+ mag ,it was a seat rr day so was mainly focused on them.I was the most powerful with 335bhp,which isn't bad considering a ferrari 355 and noble m12 got less there. I'd recommend them as a good rr place ,good equipment and friendly bunch. p.s Mine is not...
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    How do i get the battery off!!S3

    Needed to get the battery off in a hurry this morning and i just couldn't find what was holding it in took all the obvious stuff off,i'm guessing it's under the airbox and that fuse box on top is a total pain in the ***!!Help!
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    GTI Festival 9th July

    So who is going and are we having a stand? Sunday 9th July 2006 Santa Pod Raceway, Podington, Bedfordshire (J14/J16 M1) Admission is only £15 for a full day!
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    Freshening suspension

    Uprating shocks,springs,arb's,rear tie bars. But i reckon it needs tightening up as the steering is starting to feel a little loose/vague. I've seen powerflex does a full kit of poly bushes for the s3,which ones do i need as i've heard the front track/control arms bushes wear after time but they...
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    Oversteer Problem

    Was shooting around yesterday in the wet and the car was oversteering and sliding/drifting all over the place.Can't hear any noises,might be the crappy tires but is there anything that could have broke that could be the cause,i'll try and get it on a ramp asap.
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    brake judder!!

    Still getting some major judder under heavy braking,thinking a sticking caliper or something,just can't figure out the problem.
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    How about a 1/4 mile section?

    Guys could we set up a 1/4 mile section/table with mods/timeslips/locations?
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    Skyline gtr r34

    Been looking at one of these ,anyone had one ,supposed to be more focused than a rs4? Saw a tuned 650bhp version for sale got me tempted.
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    Do r32 pedals fit the s3?

    Just wondering whether they will fit? What about the footrest?
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    Brake Judder

    Just fitted new discs and pads all round and am getting some brake judder from high speed,trying some different make pads on the front and rear,would this make a difference?
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    Brake Fluid Change,amount?

    How many litres will i need? Sure it's in my data manual somewhere.
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    Anyone have video from the gti festival?

    Just wondered whether any of you guys got any video?
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    Anyone with a vw etka i need a hand?

    Need a hand with my project s3-400 need a part number off a vw etka,please me.
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    eibach coilovers,any good?

    Has anyone got eibach coilovers,they seem good value for adjustables.
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    Info from tyresmoke; hopefully true.
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    Ebay chrome mirror caps

    Does anyone know if these are any good?Seem cheap for £60. Also didn't relise there was a differnce in the mirrors pre and post facelift? Mine a pre(1999) model.
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    Alloys decision,help,tyres?

    Right ,i've decided on either a 7x18" fairly ligtweight alloys (10kg) with yokohama prada spec 2 215/40/18 tyres as the only other option are p-zeros. OR 7.5x18" lightweight (7.5kg) alloys with 225/40/18 tyres.I can't decide quite which tyres to go for,options are; toyo t1-s (cheap and good)...