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    Post your B9 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    DTUK tuning box for sale - as my S4 goes back to the lease company this month. Excellent condition, no issues, all connectors intact. It is the more expensive bluetooth version with app control. 354ps to 410ps - makes all the difference! Taking offers by DM.
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    Loose Wheel Bolt Caps No More

    Got mine replaced under warranty after complaining - was the principle rather than the 78p each from Bristol Audi. Anyway, new ones have not come off and they are a tight fit, so definitely different.
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    Random Boot Opening when locked

    Hi. Happened to me twice, once at home (with keys hidden away in a drawer), and once at work (where keys again could not be accidentally activated). Told Audi and they gave me the usual guff of "there is no issues"..... "must have been an inadvertent key press". etc. Both times there has been...
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    Coolant and oil level

    Just topped up oil on my S4, 0.75l @ 7k miles.
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    Bent over ready

    Yes, does not apply to leasing. It's their car so they can stipulate the terms, you are just renting it.
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    2.0 TDI Quattro - Strange cabin noise

    My hearing must be dodgy, can't hear anything unusual, sorry.
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    Bent over ready

    Ouch on your £750 quote though, that does seem excessively high.
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    Bent over ready

    Broker was FleetPrices, who actually quoted £45 or so, so didn't take it initially. Then, just before delivery, I saw some of the service prices on this forum, so gave VW Finance a call and they offered it for £35, so took it. Only downside is that I don't get to choose the replacement tyres...
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    2.0 TDI Quattro - Strange cabin noise

    What noise are we listening for? The clicking?
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    Bent over ready

    Seems like the fully maintained option on my lease of £35/month, including all tyres, servicing, replacement parts, is a bargain!
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    3.0tdi exhaust note improvement

    It is as thirsty as you might think, if you use all those glorious revs.....
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    Servicing S4 B9

    Just reset it in the MMI... Up to you?
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    Audi UK complaints.. advice!

    Must be just the rest of us then Cuke2u ;-)
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    Audi UK complaints.. advice!

    Audi Customer Service are the worst company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with on issues and defects. Hope you get it resolved.
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    Armrest stuck in raised position

    This will sound like a silly question, but have you tried lifting it up and down numerous times? Both the Audi armrest and the one in my old VW used to get stuck in halfway position routinely, trying to lift it up/down twenty times usually meant that one occasion it would then go down and stay...
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    What tires next on the S4 ?

    Michelin Pilot Sport's are the best tyres I have ever had. Impressed with the standard Hankooks on the B9 S4 though. They are good in the wet.
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    My Other Car

    This is the coolest thread I've ever seen. Congrats on the purchase. Seriously jealous!