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    Hi t8ups would it be possible for you to give me a price to change my lenses on my mk5 Golf R32...

    Hi t8ups would it be possible for you to give me a price to change my lenses on my mk5 Golf R32 06/56 too your clear lenses please I would need to send you my headlight units in the post as im from Glasgow bud cheers Dougie
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    leather seat colour code

    Hi looking to find out the colour code of the silver inners on my 2010 S3two toned silk nappa black/silver front seats thank you Dougie
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    Golf gti H&R springs fit s3

    Hi can anyone advise me as to wither the golf mk5 gti 2007 H&R springs will fit my 2010 s3 three door thank you in advance Dougie
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    s3 8p2 remap

    My local tuner is a place called Falkland Performance in fife Scotland who supply Revo so will give them a bell tomorro.
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    s3 8p2 remap

    Alex i have pm you buddy
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    s3 8p2 remap

    Probably asked a trillion times before,but as im new too this forum here goes... Can anyone tell me what is the best/most popular map for my s3 facelift looking to go stage one at the moment. 1 Revo 2 Shark 3 Evolution 4 Giac 5 Custom ie r-tech can you also say in your opinion why the map you...
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    retro fitting in scotland

    Thank you Sandra your a gem Dougie
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    retro fitting in scotland

    Hi bud im new to this forum and cant see how to pm you from my mobile (anyway)
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    retro fitting in scotland

    Hi bud,looking at a few things...from rsne with rvc to cruise and c/h l/h lights i currently own a S3 2010 facelift with if im honest not very well spec'ed from factory,so if you can be so good as to drop me a text regarding prices on 07960702505 then we can take it from there. thanks Dougie
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    retro fitting in scotland

    Hi as title says...can anybody recommend any good retro fitters in scotland please. thanks in advance Dougie
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    Front s3 brakes

    Hi can anyone tell me the combined weight of the s3 front brakes ie discs,calippers for the purpose of sending them by courier thank you Dougie
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    Bose sound system s3 8p2

    Hi how do i find out if i have the bose amp fitted to my car ie where will it be situated thank you in advance Dougie
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    Newbie with s3 8p2 in red

    Hi Folks,im as title says a newbie to this awesome forum i stay in scotland on the wet west coast lol,my current car is the audi s3 8p2 in red my first audi but not vag as i previously owned a minted golf gti with k04 conversion and loads of goodies inside rns 510 rvc and full leather buckets to...