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    headlight switch and overhead buttons not illuminating

    Hi, something thats been annoying me for a while but not really had chance to take a look. my headlight switch and overhead light buttons dont illuminate when headlights are switched on. They have randomly come on once or twice but just go off on their own. Any ideas? cheers
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    Correct aftermarket stereo iso

    Hi, i have a 2002 avant, non bose with the sub in the boot. I want to put an aftermarket stereo in, ive had a search through threads but there seems to be a lot of conflicting information on what works and what doesnt. I do want all speakers and sub to be working properley. What will i need? I...
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    air con keeps blowing fuse

    My aircon keeps blowing the fuse as soon as i press the button. Im guessing its either a faulty compressor or a short in the wiring anywhere. Thought I would check if anyone else has had this issue before? I would like to get my aircon working again asap. Car is a 2.5tdi quattro
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    N/s front knocking. Not arms!

    Hi, The nearside front has been knocking for a while when going over harsh roads. I've replaced all 4 arms, anti roll bar links and track rod end and it's still there! Anyone else had to replace a wheel bearing or top mount due to knocking? Bearing and top mount seemed fine also when I checked...
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    2.5tdi intermittent powerloss

    My audi has been fine for a while until today. Everything was fine when i pulled up at some lights, i noticed when i set off the exhaust was louder, i decided to give it some boot but there was no power, felt and sounded as though there was no turbo atall. I did this a few times to try and see...
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    2.5tdi logs

    Hi, just thought i would do a log of my car and post it up to see what you guys think of how its running. Its been making a fluttering/chirping noise under boost at around 3k rpm, i then shortened the actuator rod by 2 turns and this seemed to make it worse. so i put it back to how it was and...
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    pulls left when braking

    Hi, I have a volvo xc90 that has a braking problem. When you brake the car really pulls to the left, steering wheel doesnt seem to pull it, it just seems to veer left. I found a cracked reluctor ring, replaced it and still no joy, hooked diagnostics upto it to read abs sensor signals while...
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    Need car jig

    HI, I need to straighten a chassis on a car. Im based in Rochdale Lancashire so ideally somewhere close or even somebody who can come out and do it would be great. If not has anybody used one of these...
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    engine shut off and wont start

    Hi, my mates a4 wont start, he drove it about 1 mile round the corner and the engine just shut off and wont start back up. When he gave up and took the key out of the ignition the fans came on, they go back off then you turn the ignition on. When attempting to start after a few seconds the oil...
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    2.5tdi chirp noise

    Recently my car has started making a chirp noise. It makes it when your on boost and let off the throttle like a dump valve. But it also does it when say im in 3rd gear 75% throttle going uphill, it constantly chirps/flutters and i feel it loose a bit of power while it does. Also there is a...
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    which wipers?

    Went to buy some wipers the other day and gone to fit them today and they dont fit yet they was specified for this car. Those...
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    2.5tdi injection pump timing

    Hi, i purchased a cheap a4 2.5tdi quattro a few weeks ago. I will be using the car as my daily soon so will need to make sure its running well. The engine feels as though its missfiring below 3000rpm. We plugged the scanner in and had a look at the pump timing. Does this look correct or do i...
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    diesel expert please help

    Hi, I have a 2009 mazda 6 2.0d which smokes very irratically, it will do it once warm for 30 seconds and thats it. Anyway ive purchased a panasonic toughbook with the delphi diagnostics installed. I went through the list on it and cleared all fuel pump, egr, maf, dpf data etc Now it idles...
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    b7 mfsw fitting

    Hi, i know there is a thread on fitting this wheel but it doesnt help me with what im trying to do. Ive bought a wheel and for now just want to fit it without the controls. Eventually next year i would like to fit rns, dis etc so will do it all at once. There is a list of parts but im not sure...
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    help with ebay issue

    Hi, I purchased a set of wheels off ebay, off a member called audirspartsonline. They was about 50 miles away from me in Blackburn so I decided to go and collect them and pay cash. Had a quick look at the wheels and they looked fine, was refurbing them anyway so loaded them into the car, payed...
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    got new car, help spend my money and time

    Purchased me a new car today, shes a bit rough around the edges but at £1600 I have around £1000 to spend, oh and im good with a spanner and sharing a unit with a spray painter should help. Its a 2002 2.5tdi quattro avant in dark blue with 140k on the clock, can you recommend any alternatives...
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    just viewed a car, couple of issues

    Just been to view a 2002 a4 2.5tdi avant. Has 175k on the clock, full audi servicehistory upto 145k but was on longlife, then the current owner has serviced it every 10k, bodywork is average, but ots really cheap, £1600 soi can afford to spend a bit on it. Cambelt was changed at 120k. I checked...
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    does the 2.5tdi have a dpf?

    Hi, In the market for a new car and quite interested in an 2003 audi a4 2.5tdi quattro. But would ideally like a car without a dpf filter, do these have them? sorry if its been covered, ive done a search and read conflicting things. Reason being I need a torque'y car that will happily tow...
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    Front hub carrier help please

    I just went to change the brakes on my mates car and upon tightening the caliper back up the threads have stripped but the caliper carrier and the hub carrier is all 1 assembly, so i cant simply change the carrier. So basically i need to change the whole hub carrier assembly! The car is a 54...
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    am i asking a fair price for my car?

    Could anyone have a look at my car and tell me if im asking a fair price please? I expect to get nocked down a few hundred. cheers 2001 AUDI S3 QUATTRO RED 257bhp | eBay