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    Performance Camshafts for the 3.0L Petrol (AVK)

    Does anyone know if there is a shop in the EU that makes performance CAMS for Audi's?
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    Valeo Ultimate Wiper blades = OEM Aero Wiper blades

    FYI: Valeo OE Ultimate Wiper Blades Size: (22 inch #GOB22-5B) are the SAME Audi AERO Blades. I bought a set of the Valeo's and the part numbers on the blades are identical to the ones on the OEM blades. If you look at the two blades side by side they look identical. I can get a set...
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    LED Tail Lamps - From

    I've been working on getting these to work without the "bulb out" warning in the DIS and finallly fixed it. I also painted the housings to match the OEM look with the red stripe on the top and sides. In stock form these LED tail lamps are clear on top and only red on the lower portion...
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    Red/Clear Painted LED Tail lamps

    I purchased a set from If you have the DIS in the cluster then these will set a bulb out warning in the display. I have a writeup as to how to fix it if anyone is interested. I painted the tails to match the color of the stock B6 Tail Lamps, thus from the outside they look almost...
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    The new RS4 is finally here!!!
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    New RS4 Released today!

    Anyone have the video of the press launch? Anyone have the official pictures yet?
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    HELP! - Need piece from headlight!

    Does anyone have the shipping plug for the headlight leveling? I need the piece pictured and was wondering if anyone had a broken headlight that they can spare this piece. This is in a stock halogen headlight. Also a broken XENON leveling motor would work too. Thanks, Dan
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    3.0L Chip Review: Powerchip ( USA)

    I've had the chip installed for almost 2 weeks now. I finally feel that I have a good understanding what improvements were made with the chip. Low End Torque/HP: There doesn't feel like there is any improvement which by design it wasn't made to improve low RPM torque. Fuel Economy: Fuel...
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    Anyone seen this Twin Turbo 3.0L in Denmark?

    I was just wondering if it actually runs well? Also, since it was tuned by a SEAT tuner, does SEAT have a 3.0L Twin Turbo Rally car or something similar in which they took this application from? I wonder if the SEAT guys know more about the 3.0L engine then the Audi tuners. TWIN TURBO 3.0L A4
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    European Models - Question: Convenience features?

    Just curious what convenience features you guys might have that us North American guys don't. For instance we can get power folding mirrors with auto dipping feature (passenger side mirror). Can you make the mirrors fold when turning off the car automatically? We don't get control of our...