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    Urgent help - Can't unlock car

    Morning all, Having a strange issue trying to get into my car. Keyfob won't unlock driver/passenger doors. Key won't unlock driver door. Keyfob will lock all doors, keyfob will lock/unlock boot. I can climb into my boot and climb through to the front where I can use the internal buttons...
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    Garages in the Aberdeen area

    Hi all, Need to get a second opinion on something with my car so wanted to take to a different garage. Only issue is that there are quite a lot that seem to get mixed reviews in the area. The garage I have been using is FirstDrive out near Stonehaven. Any of you know reputable places in the...
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    Headgasket gone? - Advice please

    Just put the car in for its MOT & to change the cambelt and water pump as its due (now at 68K miles). Got a call from the garage to say they found a leak on the cylinder head. They have cleaned it up and are adding something to the water to hopefully solve the issue (dunno what is being added)...
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    S3 manual pdf request

    Hi all, I cannot find my manual for the S3 8P (57plate). Does anyone have an electronic copy they could pass on to me please? Cheers
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    Engine trouble and brake query

    Hi all, First off, want to point out that I am no expert with cars and a bit of a hypochondriac when it comes to the car. (Audi s3 8p 57 plate) I have a few niggling things that I want to find out if they are normal or I should get it checked out... Brakes - Replaced my front discs + pads a...
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    Looking for help in Aberdeen area

    Hey all, Would like some help in unlocking the cd tray in my rnse and coding the aux input into it as well. I'm in Aberdeen and will travel round the area to you. And obviously will pay you for your trouble! Cheers,
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    Brake query

    Hi all, Recently I had some rumbling through my steering wheel which after searching I assumed it was warped discs. After trying the quick fixes it was still there so I decided to completely change my discs & pads. When I replaced them the discs didn't look warped but was severely corroded (in...
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    RNS-E updates

    Hey all, Posted the other day in the sat nav sub but I don't think it's frequented quite as much so I'm asking here as well. I'm looking to find where I can obtain the discs necessary for updating my RNS-E + maps if possible. According to the setup I currently have the following: SW: 0550 HW...
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    RNS-E Update discs

    Hi, Looking to find where I can obtain the discs necessary for updating my RNSE. I currently have the following: SW: 0550 HW: H73 Map: M1N061018_EN0603. Any help or links to the threads I have missed is appreciated. Cheers,
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    Common aesthetic mods

    Hey everyone, Recently purchased my S3 after not owning a car for a few years. At this stage I am not in the position for doing major modifications to car/engine for a few reasons, but wouldn't mind doing some of the smaller things to try make the car slightly more aesthetically pleasing (more...