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  1. gmeroni

    Engine Mounts

    Hi all, Just checking in if anyone managed to find engine mounts or tried those ones: VAG200M - LEFT HAND SIDE (GEARBOX) MOUNT Including DSG → Replaces:- 6Q0 199 555 ** VAG210M - RHS ENGINE MOUNT → Replaces:- 6Q0 199 167 ** VAG220M - ENG TORQ LINK → Replaces:- 6Q0 199 851 ** I'm not sure...
  2. gmeroni

    IS38 Last Revision

    I Heard that after Rev.H, Audi released rev.T with some important improvements. Can anyone confirm and maybe find the OE part number? TIA, Gianmarco
  3. gmeroni

    Audi A1 Quattro Gear

    Hey guys, can someone give me the ETKA code for the audi a1 quattro style gear for the audi S1? (red version pls)
  4. gmeroni

    gmeroni's S1

    Hi guys, open this thread to show you my little lady and the step by step work :)! During this year I started to work a bit on her after 1 year of driving. First step was Revo Stage 1 100RON + Revo Air filter Intake to bring her at 320ps (roughly). I still have to test her! Second step was the...
  5. gmeroni


    Hi guys, I'm wondering if our S1 have the tire pressure monitoring system is sensor based or ABS/ESP based... I need to mount the winter tires and I want to know if I need to get the sensors too
  6. gmeroni

    New here!

    Hi guys, I'm Gianmarco from Milan. Glad to have got my self signed up. I've an S1 redo mapped.