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  1. tazzy baby

    Help and advice needed

    Hi everyone ive managed to get my hands on this b7 steering wheel but didn't get time to nab the slip ring as well. Can anyone what part number slip ring i need for it and if there is anything else i woild need to fit it to my b6 thank you
  2. tazzy baby

    Rear Door Lock

    Hope someone can help me as this problem is starting to drive me mad now. when i unlock/lock my doors with the fob or key everthing works fine, and when i push the lock button on the drivers door they all lock but when i unlock the doors with the button everything unlocks except my rear drivers...
  3. tazzy baby

    Question about Exhausts

    I have an exhaust that I removed from my old B5 1.8t avant, does anyone know if it would fit my B6 saloon 2.0 with abit of tweaking or would I be better off getting a new one. Or has anyone on here done it and done a post on here cheers Gareth
  4. tazzy baby

    Question about double din

    Hi there this might of been asked before but i cannot find it. i have a single din radio and want to convert it to double din, do i have to buy the double din cage or can i cut my single din cage to accomodate for the double din stereo. If this can be done please can some one point me in the...
  5. tazzy baby

    Centre arm rest

    Sorry if this has been asked but I can't seem to find any info on it. Anyone know if a b5 centre arm rest will fit a b6 please cheers
  6. tazzy baby

    two faced pr#cks

    Ok sorry to bore you guys and gals with this but I have to vent my frustration and I have no one else to talk to ( sad aint it ) I am so fed up of two faced ****ers that are supposed to be your so called friends, im not going to mention names but a few of them are on here. I always go out of my...
  7. tazzy baby

    cup/coin holder

    Has anyone got pics on how to remove the coin and cup holders please. ive done a quick search but cant find nothing on it cheers
  8. tazzy baby


    just thought i would update my car progress, after 7 months of my car sitting on my drive with a snapped timing belt she finaly roared in to life last night and sounds awesome. I still got a lot of work to do but its a weight off my mind now that its running so its off for an MOT next weekend...
  9. tazzy baby

    help needed asap

    hi im in the middle of putting my enginge back together and i dont have a book so does any one know the torque settings for a cam carrier for a 2.0 alt engine please cheers
  10. tazzy baby

    Cardiff Audi waste of time

    I contacted Cardiff Audi on Tuesday to buy two exhaust gaskets and an air pipe. I was told they don't keep them in stock so would have to order them in and pay for them first so I said no problem but as I do not have a car on the road and live 30 miles away then I would be down on Saturday to...
  11. tazzy baby

    Any one got any bits going cheap

    If this is not allowed to be posted in this section then please let me know and i will remove it, I have looked on ebay and the asn classifieds and also my local breakers yards and had no luck so thought i would try here. i am looking for a drivers side wiper arm for my b6 do you or know of some...
  12. tazzy baby

    Plea for help

    Can any one on here help me out, where do i start. to cut a long story short i am on JSA and they have now said they are stopping my money so i dont know what to do. A friend of mine phoned me today and said that there is a job going where he works but i can not start untill january as the...
  13. tazzy baby

    Question on lights and dash clocks

    Hi guys and gals im looking to see if any one knows if it is possible to take the dash clocks apart so i can remove the chrome rings and is it possible to remove the lense from the head light so i can take away the chrome surround. If it is has anyone got pics on this so i could take a look at...
  14. tazzy baby

    coming home/leaving home lights

    Hi does any one know if i could program my a4 to turn my lights on when i unlock the car. ive seen it on new cars and they stay on for about 20 seconds after you lock the car so they light up a dark drive way. My car is a 2002 51 plate a4 2.0 ALT engine cheers
  15. tazzy baby


    Hiya looking for help and sence. Im rebuilding the head on my 2.0 and ive got almost everything changed to new. Ive lernt that the more i replace now the better in the long run so i went and priced up a thermostat and lets just say shocked wernt the word. they say i have to buy a compleate unit...
  16. tazzy baby

    Broken air pipe

    I have a 51 plate 2.0 ajl and ive been looking for a top air pipe as the one on mine was broke when i had it here is a pic of what im talking about. The pipe on the bottom has snapped off and i did find one on ebay but the guy never sent it out to me. i cant afford the stealer price so i was...
  17. tazzy baby

    End of the road

    Well as the title says its the end of the road for my pride and joy. its got to the point where as im out of work and there is no cash coming in i cant afford to repair it as everything has happened all at once. ive started to break it and ive put it up on here in the adds. Ive had a few calls...
  18. tazzy baby

    Some information and advice needed

    Hi guys and girls i have got my hands on an audi navigation plus radio and im not sure if it will work in my B6 the number i got is, 8e0 035 192 bx. will it work or would i need to get anything extra for it cheers gareth
  19. tazzy baby

    Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble with everytime i type it in its telling me the site is not found. Is there another site i can use to get part numbers from. cheers
  20. tazzy baby

    Broken Air Pipe

    I have a broken air pipe on my a4 that i have just found.. i have put an ad in the wanted section to see if any one has one but does anyone know where i could get one cheap as the stealers are having a laugh.the part number is 06B129627AB please can anny one help me find one