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  1. Mo_A3

    Carbon Fibre.

    Well thanks for all the comments But as i say to other ppl, My car, My taste, Dont like it? Tough, Dont look at it!
  2. Mo_A3

    Carbon Fibre.

    Hi guys iam looking for a carbon bonnet. Does anyone know of a good site where i can get one? I have found one for £450. But iam sure there will be cheaper ones out there. Cheers Mo.
  3. Mo_A3

    Post pics of your A3/S3

    heres the most upto date ones of mine
  4. Mo_A3

    A3 1.8T Lowering?

    Hey I got mine lowered by 40mm last weekend, the cars sitting on 18's. Will get pics this weeknd for ya to have a look at.
  5. Mo_A3

    Help needed

    Cheers, But could u add a Wo infront of the man bit. :) I will show my bf this the morrow and get him 2 have another look at it.
  6. Mo_A3

    Help needed

    Hi guys/girls Iam needin a bit of help. My passengers side window on my A3 is broke. Well heres what is happin. My mate sold me a dump valve and when i put in on the engine light came on so i soon took it off. (but thats not the prob) Another mate that has had nought but 1.8 Turbo...