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    What to upgrade!!? RS4 B9 (OPF version).

    I am after some thoughts/recommendations...I have a £3k budget for changes to my RS4 B9 (the OPF/GPF version). Keen to know what other people have tried and would recommend.
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    Exhaust valve mod - alternative

    I was looking through this thread: I gave the mod a go and it works great (no more single black pipe and better sound - did seem to get better over time too which was odd). When I scanned the car (ODBEleven) I saw the error...
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    2.5 TDi Buying advice

    Haven't been on the forum for some time - used to have an A4 1.8T - loved the car but ended up selling and moving on. Now looking to buy another Audi, I have a budget up to £6,000 and was looking for a 2.5TDi, ideally an automatic Avant. I've seen a mixture for sale around this money so...
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    Selling my A4....sob sob......

    Hi, I am selling my A4 in the Trading post A new arrival means we need a bigger car and the Audi has to go. If anyone knows someone who is interested in the car please drop me a PM. I'll be posting some pics in the Trading Post shortly. Don't have a clue what it is worth so just asking for...
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    Fuel discount card

    Hi, Just seen an ad in the current evo, this site is looking to set up a fuel discount scheme - basically apply for a card and then the volume of users will be used to negotiate a discount with retailers. Currently in the stages of getting support together but sounds like a great idea to me...
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    Ok, work this one out. Start with a Chipped A4 running 220 Bhp insured with Admiral. Move to a 322 Bhp GT28RS powered A4 insured with Adrian Flux and my insurance goes DOWN by £32. There is a God (and he likes Audi's).
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    New GT28RS power run

    Got a new exhaust (with Cat this time) from Hayward and Scott. Has added a tiny bit more power, can't wait to get the mapping finished now once new internals are installed Greg
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    Phatnoise box installed

    Bought one of these from ebay - cost £140, including shipping. I now have it installed in place of the 6CD changer. Really impressed with it so far, having all my music in the car is awesome, sound quality (to my ears) is as good as the CD player was and the menu's are easy to understand, you...
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    A4 1.8T 6 Speed conversion

    Ok Docurely - dish the dirt....what are you getting, where from and how much Greg
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    Crash repairs in or near Colchester

    Managed to crash my car into a bank this morning. Damage to the bumper, the drivers wing and possibly the suspension... Feeling really happy with myself (not!!!). Any recommendations greatly received. Thanks, Greg
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    Anyone dealt with Impossible Performance?

    Hi, I am thinking of using these guys to do a turbo install for me - has anyone used them? Any feedback? Cheers, Greg
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    Exhaust Diverter Valve

    Came across this, looks like fun.... Not sure what Plod would make of it though Greg
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    Thinking of taking the plunge and getting a bigger Intercooler fitted to my A4 Quattro Turbo. Any thoughts? Is it worthwhile? Is it expensive? Will I need a new bumper? Does anyone care?
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    So many valves...

    Can someone explain which valves are which and where I can find them on my 1.8TQ A4 B5? The BOV I have found stuck under the engine and I believe recirculates un-needed boost back through the system to keep the turbo moving in when I change gear or throttle back. The wastegate - allows the...
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    Just need 300bhp!

    I had a long chat with Turbo Dynamics today - really helpful guys. They said that a serious limitation with the A4 setup was the Exhaust Manifold - it gets too hot and cracks over time. They can modify the K04 to get to 300bhp but heat makes it impractical for the A4 as things stand with my...
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    Does a TT Engine Fit in a 1999 A4 Quattro Sport?

    Started this as a new post as the subject changed a bit.... I have been told a TT engine won't fit in my 1999 A4 1.8T Quattro Sport (current engine has bent con rods and damage pistons). Has anyone ever tried this - will it fit? Needless to say I want the 225 BHP variant and I was under the...