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  1. SJR88

    How concerned should I be?

    Hi, I took delivery of my car on Fri and I have since noticed a scraping sound going over bumps etc. I’ve driven the car very carefully due to bad weather, also considering it is brand new and has sport suspension and 19” wheels, I’ve driven it extra carefully! The scraping sound got worse, and...
  2. SJR88

    Wireless CarPlay

    Hi, I’ve recently taken delivery of a brand new A4. Does anybody know if they have wireless CarPlay or not? I know a couple of vids online have said it does and a salesperson at a dealership told me it does but the car is actually telling me to use USB for CarPlay. Thank you in advance.
  3. SJR88

    Standard MMI

    About to place an order and debating whether or not I want the tech pack. Does anybody have pictures of the standard main screen (not the virtual cockpit)? Does it differ much in quality or is there just a slight difference in size? I was thinking of speccing the Matrix lights and B&O sound...
  4. SJR88

    1.6 Diesel S Tronic

    Does anyone have the 1.6 diesel S Tronic? I’d appreciate everyone’s opinions. I need a car fairly soon and I’m having trouble finding 1.5 tfsi S Tronic, and I’m currently used to a 2.0 diesel A4 with 150hp. There’s a 1.6 diesel S Tronic in stock with a lease company, I could probably have it...
  5. SJR88

    What’s Everyones’s A3 Deals?

    I’ve been offered a A3 Black Edition SB 1.5 tfsi S Tronic (no extra spec) for £456 per month, 36 month PCP, £500 deposit, 8,000 miles. I know it’s not the greatest deal but the dealership has offered to ‘erase’ the £4000 negative equity on my current PCP. If you don’t mind sharing, I’d...
  6. SJR88

    How likely am I able to change car after 30 months?

    When I took out my PCP contract, I was told that it would be best to get a 50 month contract to keep my payments down because after 30 months I’d be able to change the car or just give it back. I didn’t quite trust the salesman (for a number of reasons), so I checked with the head of business...
  7. SJR88

    Grinding noise on engine switch off

    I drove my car a couple of times today, therefore switching the engine on and off on a number of occasions. On one of these occasions there was a very brief grinding sound when I switched the engine off, it was fairly quick and it hasn’t done it again. It’s also not a noise I’ve heard from it...
  8. SJR88

    Engine Start Button

    I was just wondering what others' experience is with the engine start button. Mine seems quite temperamental. A lot of the time it takes two presses before the engine will start. I know sometimes there's a slight delay before the engine starts up, however it's not that, it just doesn't start up...
  9. SJR88

    Using Phone Via Bluetooth

    Does anybody have any issues with using their phone when calling people via Bluetooth? I have my iPhone 7 connected and when I call people they can never hear me properly, I can hear them fine and the signal is fine, however to them it sounds like a bad connection every time. I haven't tried...
  10. SJR88

    Grille / Black Styling Pack

    Since Audi have added the option to have the black styling pack on the A4 I've realised how much I don't like the grille on mine. I've looked into getting it wrapped in gloss black but apparently this will be too awkward to do due to it being in sections of grey and chrome, it would have to be...
  11. SJR88

    Daytona Grey

    Probably not the most exciting post, but... I've always liked Daytona Grey and when I see it on other cars it looks fairly dark and rich and in my option just makes any Audi look good. My A3 was Monsoon Grey and I didn't like how light it was and always wanted Daytona because it was darker and...
  12. SJR88

    MMI Telephone Issue

    When I make a call via Bluetooth I can hear the radio in the background. Even if the radio is muted in the first place, as soon as I make a call, the radio comes on in the background (fairly quiet but annoying). Anyone else have this issue?
  13. SJR88

    Door / Parking Brake Fault

    Hi. I've had my A4 S Line (2.0 150 TDI) for a week. A few of days ago I got in the car and when I started it up it wouldn't release the parking brake and was displaying two fault messages. One saying "Driver's door fault, shift to P" and one saying "Parking brake fault, please contact...
  14. SJR88

    Hold Assist Unavailable

    Done a search but couldn't find anything... The other day as soon as I got in the car it displayed a message saying 'hold assist unavailable'. The button was still lighting so it was switched on, the hold assist didn't work the first time and then it did, no problem since. However, been sitting...
  15. SJR88

    Radio Volume

    Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone knows a way to stop the radio volume jumping back up to level 3 every time I get back in the car. Sometimes I just like to mute the radio when I've got a headache or whatever, but as soon as I get out the car, on return starting the engine up it keeps...
  16. SJR88

    Hold Assist / S Tronic

    Hi. I specced the Hold Assist option due to an A6 courtesey car having it (where it worked quite smooth and comfortable - just as the normal parking brake feels when that deactivates), however on my car it's quite uncomfortable when the hold assist deactivates when you press the accelerator, the...
  17. SJR88

    iPhone Cable

    Hi, just thought I'd see of anyone else has had the same issue. When I picked the car up I was given the white band cable. Tried three different iPhones in it at the dealership and every time it connected it disconnected straight away (doing so continuously), therefore just constantly vibrating...
  18. SJR88

    Getting the feeling something isn't right again.

    Some of you probably remember the car I ordered in Feb arrived as a manual instead of S tronic causing many problems and having to re-order around mid April. See original post for more info... I was quoted mid June delivery...
  19. SJR88

    A question for those with a standard SE spec

    I'm a bit confused about the standard air vent bezel. On most SE pics I've noticed the bezel is a black plastic (as you can see in the first pic). However in the brochure on the SE spec list it says 'Air vents in aluminium look' and the picture below shows the bezel in the silver (as you can see...
  20. SJR88


    As some of you probably remember my A3 Sportback S Tronic I ordered in Feb arrived at the end of April with a manual transmission. The salesman was a bit vague about who's fault it was and I got the impression he just wanted to get a new order in as quick as possible and as well as being gutted...