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  1. votblindub

    My field report from VIR October 2-4th 2009 Enjoy
  2. votblindub

    Need help finding odd sized hubcentric rings

    I'm having no luck finding rings. My OEM centerbore is 57.1mm, the new wheels are 82mm. I cant find a set of hubcentric rings to fit in there. help?
  3. votblindub

    Exhaust- hush hush

    Okay, so my neighbors have been hinting that my Audi's too loud when I leave in the mornings for work. I'm on good terms with my neighbors and they haven't been bitching at me for the Eclipse all that much. I can see where they're comin' from, early in the morning, when its cold, my car sounds...
  4. votblindub

    New A6 Guy

    Hi everyone. I wanted to post here and say hi to everybody. I drive a 2003 Audi A6. It has the 2.7T V6, quattro, tiptronic. It's brilliant black. Black interior, with cold weather package, sport package and premium package equipped. I run APR's 93 octane program. K&N drop in intake filter. 2.5...