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    B7 Front MudFlaps - Wanted - Obsolete

    Does anyone have a set of fronts they dont want/need please? I've tried TPS but fronts are apparently now obsolete and rears on back order - I'd be happy to purchase a full set or just fronts - if you can help pm me please. Thanks
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    Wanted A4 TFSI O/S/F Caliper (974)

    As above - I actually only need the bracket that holds the brake pipe and pad wear indicator wires etc but would take a full caliper if cheap enough to harvest the part I need. Currently have the bracket on order from TPS but it's on back order until mid Feb! Let me know if you can help.
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    Wanted A4 B7 S Line Front Grill

    Looking for a front grill for my A4 B7 S line - currently have a modified version to give the RS4 look but not keen on it. Looking for either a standard S Line grill or a black optics version - either need to be in nice condition with no damage. If you have a front plate holder for a car with...
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    Does anyone have laying around.....

    I'm looking for the bracket that holds the brake pipe and brake pad wear indicator on the front R/H/S caliper for a 2.0 TFSI - caliper is the ATE 974 type for 30x320mm discs. Part code of the item in question is 4B0615134G - I have one on order with TPS but on back order with an ETA of 16th...
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    Sold A4 B7 RDX splitter, Maxton sides and rear diffhser

    RDX front splitter for b7 A4, black, no damage but one corner has blisters under paint - may px a cupra splitter. Maxton designs side skirts for b7 A4, no damage. Rear valance diffuser for b7 A4, currently on avant, not sure if it fits a saloon Rather not split but 200 for the lot, will be...
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    Bilstein B8 shocks for A4 B7 Avant

    Hi Damian, Can you please quote me for set of 4 bilstein b8 shocks for a 2006 A4 B7 avant, non-Quattro, tdi please. Autodoc are £430 so please see what you can do Thanks
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    Found A4 DTM alloys

    As above looking for DTM wheels, don't mind if they need a refurb if the price is right as want the grey, happy to do a deal with my as new Bola B8r's in 19 inch or purchase.
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    Wanted Audi A4 320mm front brake set up

    As above looking for a 320mm front brake set up, complete with discs pads etc
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    Wanted A4 B7 S Line Parts

    As per title I'm looking for the following for my S Line: Front grille surround in chrome - may consider full grille if needs be front number plate holder with PDC Fog light surrounds both L/H and R/H Twin exit exhaust rear valance (TDi Avant) in standard plastic finish 320mm front brake...
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    For Sale 19inch Bola B8r staggered with tyres

    As per the title, having recently purchased the car in the thread below and not being a fan of the wheels I'm looking to sell/swap/deal for something else. Wheels are 8.5 fronts and 9.5 rears, no rubbing on the car and I'm lowered on H&R springs. Wheels are like new with no damage as are the...
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    Wanted B7 cab coil overs, 19's and 320 brakes

    As per the title I'm looking for the following parts for my 2009 A4 cab. Wheels - 19ich Le Man's or Speedline's if with tyres no wider than 235's Coilovers - looking for half decent or nice shock & spring upgrade not looking for budget coilovers 320mm brakes - looking to upgrade from 288's...
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    For Sale OEM Bluetooth Kit

    removed from my A4 Avant, I retro fitted this about a month ago, complete with quadlock loom, microphone and Rev Q module. Paid £130 looking for around £100 Ono I can code your car via VCDS so this is plug and play. Collection from Swindon Wiltshire, pm here or 07843272261
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    Deal on fresh RS4 style wheels

    Ok so my S Line A4 Avant got written off by someone driving into the back of it during the week. Insurance have paid and Copart are collecting the car on Tuesday. I had the wheels freshly refurbished early January and they are still spotless, tyres are all very good but budgets. Wheels are RS4...
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    For Sale Audi A3 Thule roofbars

    Thule wingbar Evo 127 and Thule Evo Clamp Kit 7105 - used once so as new with all locks, keys, instructions etc etc. These will fit any 2013 onwards Audi A3 Sportback without factory fitted roof rails - i.e. normal flat roof. Cost £240 new so these are a bargain, change of car so no longer...
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    Wanted B7 Avant coilovers or shocks and springs (lowering)

    As above if anyone has anything for sale or coming up for sale in the near future please let me know. B7 2.0Tdi Thanks Damian
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    s-Line suspension rebuild

    Hi, So recently got back into aB7 after a brief spell with an SQ2. Still love the B7 and after EGR, DPF and swirl flap deletes it might last a while (once I’ve swapped the hex drive in the oil pump!) Anyway, I’m going to be changing some control arms due to a slight but annoying rattle/knock...
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    Bluetooth and Voice Command Issues

    Hi - Trying to resolve an issue for a friend - he has a 2006 A3 Sportback with Concert radio, Bose etc The car has a phone mount/cradle base on the dash that is factory - The initial issue was the car kept causing the battery to go flat, after removing the Bluetooth module this stopped...
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    B6 Brake Upgrade - Help needed

    Hi All, Looking to upgrade from the current 288mm fronts on my B6 sport - I believe I can use B8 S4 calipers with B7 S4 345mm discs - can someone confirm if I am correct please? Also with regard to the stone/dust guards - do I need to upgrade these to S4 versions also or can I run without...
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    My B8 Black Edition Avant

    So I've been on here for a while but never considered my car a project, I've been making improvements to get the car how I wanted it, whilst keeping it practical as I use it everyday in my field based job. Started around a year ago with a 2011 B8 Black Edition Avant - had to be a black edition...
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    Flat Bottom Steering Wheel Help Please

    Morning, Hopefully someone can give me some advise - I think I got carried away with my recent FBSW purchase and fitment is going to be an issue. I have a 2011 A4 Black edition with the round 3-spoke MFSW I wanted to upgrade to a flat bottom wheel and so made a purchase ffor a good price. The...