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    Audi A5 Eating petrol?

    This probably won't help you much, probably make you feel worse, I have a 2.0 TFSI that I bought new in Sept 2010, it has just gone round to 10,000 miles so you can see I don't go far in it and I fill mine up approx every 2 to 2 half weeks and get the most 260 miles per full tank, addmitedly it...
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    A5 handbrake auto release

    Seat belt has to be worn or at least buckled up for the auto release to work, thats how it works on mine and mine is a Sept 2010 John
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    A5 Coupe & Snow !!

    I have a 8 week old A5 2.0 TFSI Coupe s/line SE, and being new to the Audi brand was wondering if it just me or does most other A5 Coupe owners feel the same that this car is like a boat in snow ?? Traction control does not appear to be very effective, as I cannot even get on my drive, which...
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    A5 2.0 TFSI S/Line SE

    On the bill of sale for £36,000 it is quoted as an S-Line SE so I beleive it can be both as it has S-Line & SE equipment quoted in the brochure ! John
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    A5 2.0 TFSI S/Line SE

    Hi.... Five weeks ago I purchased (New) the above vehicle, but only now I am beginning to notice at how poor the standard equipment level is on this vehicle in comparison to the nearly 4 yr old Merc 220 CLK AMG sport that I part exchanged, and consiquently has led to quite heated debates at my...
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    SD Card format..

    I think I have solved my own question !! It appears songs that are downloaded from CD to iTunes and songs downloaded directly from iTunes are recorded in MP4 format, I changed the SD card to FAT 32 and converted all the music I wanted to download to the card to MP3 format, and it appears all...
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    SD Card format..

    I have a A5 Coupe and decided to transfer some music to SD cards, having already purchased some cards I set too to copy music from iTunes & CD but when I come to play them in the car most albums only play one or two tracks, and some play none. If I play these SD card albums on any other machine...
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    A5 Coupe Seats

    This is what I need to know but do not know where within the Audi network to ask, I cannot find online any Audi Tech support to ask the question to ! The car is a week old and is a 2.0TFSI S.Line Special Edition, now I would have thought all the necessary wiring would already be in this model...
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    A5 Coupe Seats

    I have recently purchaed a new 2010 Audi A5 Coupe, but now wished I had requested front heated seats, the question is would it be possible now to fit genuine Audi part (Seats, Switches etc) to my new car, and if yes what parts are required. Thanks..........John