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  1. smokiedee

    Helpppp agu not firing on 4th cylinder :(

    Hi i wonder if anyone has any ideas. I changed my fuel pump for one out of a low mileage golf and my car was running fine, even better than normal tgen drove it for about 25 mins then it started misfiring. I limped back home and swapped the fuel pump back over thinking it was that but didn't...
  2. smokiedee

    2nd hand lcr fuel pump or new a3 fuel pump????

    hi i've got a feeling my fuel pump is dying even if it's not i'll feel better changing it as cars just ticked over 160k. can i use a leon cupra r fuel pump with my 3 bar fpr or would i also need to change that to 4bar? this is going on my stage 2 agu ko3s a3. or should i just get a new bosch...
  3. smokiedee

    lambda sensor

    i scanned my car with and came up with a lambda fault. i brought a bosch replacement about 8 months ago from euro car parts. does anyone know if it would be replaced under warranty?
  4. smokiedee

    real poor mpg :(

    yesterday i had 0 miles on miles left in tank and put in 20 litres of v power. i've done 62 miles and the low fuel light is back on surely i should have got more than that. the cars an agu a3 with a ko3s stage 2 r tech map. is there anything i can check as to why its so low or is it about right...
  5. smokiedee

    car feels underpowered

    had a remapped ecu fitted last week and the car pulled extremely strong in each gear but today it feels like a standard agu, and can hardly hear the dv at all. is it worth unplugging the n75 and seeing if that makes any difference?
  6. smokiedee

    battery positive lead

    just been to my mechanic and noticed my battery lead to the starter is badly corroded and green where he says its rotting. i've been suffering from a slight voltage drop which could be caused by this. can i add Halfords | Halfords Positive Battery Cable 45cm (18") as and additional cable to...
  7. smokiedee

    ignition switch or alternator

    i've been searching the internet doing my head in. my a3 aftermarket xenons keep randomly turning off or flickering. its worse when i have my stereo on. i turnt my xenons off and had my fogs on instead and the headlights flickered each time the radiator fan kicked in. also sometimes when i flash...
  8. smokiedee

    who was at wlc tonight

    i saw quite a few nice a3/s3 down there tonight i saw troopa's but who else was there
  9. smokiedee

    dodgy temp gauge

    i'm having a weird problem with my temp gauge. it sometimes creeps past 90 degrees but just barely and on motorway drives it sits about 70 degrees but if i turn the engine off it sits back dead on 90. any ideas?