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  1. Jay.Ing

    Facelift Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S - weird vibration???

    Hi all Just had 2 new PS4s's on the fron of my 2019 Avant TDI40. They have been on for a week now and the car feels unsettled over bumps and when slightly turning the wheel side to side around 30mph i get a wobble that feels like the ballance is out. This wobble is not present when driving...
  2. Jay.Ing


    I know this is a VCDS thread but I need some paramatisation done which can only be done with VCP. Is there anyone local to me with VCP who fancies a Few beers to parametrise my camera on my A4? Live in Merseyside/Lancashire cheers Jay
  3. Jay.Ing

    Facelift Adaptive Cruise Retrofit

    Hi All Been scouting around the forum but can not find and info.... I want to retrofit ACC but can not find what is needed. My car has the radar sensors and the Camera as it has the Front assist thing. I know i may need the stalk but is there any thin else i wil need? I see some A4 scans...
  4. Jay.Ing

    Facelift What’s this???

    morning, Was hoovering the car the other day and spotted a cable sticking out from under the interior door sill trim. Any ideas what this is???
  5. Jay.Ing

    Facelift Retrofit USB ports in center console

    Looking to put some USB ports into the rear, where the 12v socket is. Anyone done this or have a part number to replace the panel where the 12v socket lives??
  6. Jay.Ing

    Facelift New Avant, couple of Qusetions....

    Hi all, Just upgraded from an A3 to the A4 avant and noticed a few things; The A3 used to have rear drls,as in the rear lights were on all the time. The A4 doesnt seem to do this, is this the same on all A4's? I cant seem to find the little tool to take the wheel nut caps off, is it meant to...
  7. Jay.Ing

    Sold Thule WingBar Edge for A3

    Thule WingBar Edge 9595B with 4035 feet. In used condition (Will update pics when get a chance) £150
  8. Jay.Ing

    Sold Genuine ROSS-TECH HEX-USB+CAN

    Genuine registered ROSS-TECH HEX-USB+CAN. Unlimited VIN. Owned since new, Purchase from NHN in AUG 2012. Selling as it doesn't work on my new A4. £250 Posted, Bank Transfer or Paypal (Buyer Pays Fees)
  9. Jay.Ing

    Sold 2017 IBIS White A3 Sportback Black Edition 2.0 TDi

    -- FACTORY OPTIONS INCLUDE -- FULL LEATHER -- TECH PACK -- VIRTUAL DASH -- FRONT AND REAR PARKING SENSORS -- ELECTRIC FOLDING MIRRORS -- AMBIENT LIGHT PACK, 2017 Audi A3 TDI Sportback Black Edition 181 BHP, 6 Speed Manual, £30 Road Tax, 61mpg, 20,800 miles IBIS White, HPI clear, Under...
  10. Jay.Ing

    Facelift Google Earth stuck!

    have any of you guys experienced google earth stuck on its loading screen for ages, like 20-30 minutes? I've tried a full reset with no luck apart from loosing all my settings Cheers
  11. Jay.Ing

    Facelift Data Module issues

    Keep getting this issue Is this normal for no signal or is there an issue? Also when I go into the data connection settings they are greyed out. Got Tech pack plus so have got the 3 year subscription.
  12. Jay.Ing

    Facelift Looking for Instruments Adaption Map A3...

    Has anyone got a copy of a adaption map of control module 17, instruments? Im having issues with my dimming in my virtual cockpit, my car is in with audi at the moment and i have an A3 Sport as a curtesy car which i could scan if i hadent left my cable in MY car thats at the dealers :rage:!! I...
  13. Jay.Ing

    Facelift MMI Screen and VC Dimming Woes!

    Getting a little fustrated with the lack of dimming thats happening with my MMI screen and VC. During the day yje dimmer next to the light switch is all the way up. Then when it turns too night they are way too bright, have to turn the dimmer all the way down, then again when its daytime, have...
  14. Jay.Ing

    Dash CAM

    Any one any pointers for best Descrete dash cam?
  15. Jay.Ing

    Facelift Sline Sports Suspension or Sports Suspension???

    Right Guys, Need a little help with this one, Ordered my Sportback Black edition that comes with the Sports Suspension, do i spec the S Line Sports suspension (15mm Lower) for £325? I spec'd it on my A4 because it was a no cost option. Has anyone got a picture for comparison?
  16. Jay.Ing

    Facelift 184 Black edition Ordered

    Hi all, Was part of the A3 community a while back before i moved to the A4, well now i'm back :grimacing:. Ordered a 2.0TDi Black edition in Ibis white last week, only got to wait ages to get it :disrelieved: Spec: 184 TDI Nappa Comfort and Sound pack Parking system plus Black roof rails...
  17. Jay.Ing

    Rear Zone Climate Control

    Can anyone tell me if their rear zone on the climate control actually changes temp with the dial on the vent? Mine doen not seem to be changing temp whether it's set on cold or hot??? Cheers
  18. Jay.Ing


    Quick question, Has my 2014 A4 2.0Tdi got one of these??? I am getting a wining sound, that sound like it is coming from the passanger door tweeter when accellerating hard????
  19. Jay.Ing

    Led Vanity Lights

    Hi, Can i have a price for 2 x 4H0 947 105 A Delivered to UK Mainland please. Thanks Jay
  20. Jay.Ing

    The New Toy!

    Well, after all the issues i've had, finally have the keys! Gave her a good clean and polish today.......