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    A6 2.7 Bi Turbo 1999

    No problem Chris, I'd take a guess that you'll need to have the throttle body boot replacing. This is located at the front of the engine bay underneath the divertor valves, they have a tendancy to split on the underside (out of sight!)... it's highly likely this is where the leak is...
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    A6 2.7 Bi Turbo 1999

    Hi Chris, don't take this the wrong way, but being as it's a nearly ten year old car my advise would be to make sure everything is 100%. The 2.7T engine is great when working well, but there are a few typical problems that they suffer from. I'm sure a search will tell you, but double check...
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    S4 B5 Remap

    Hi Rob, if you're willing to accept the fact that the car has relatively high mileage and certain parts are likely to require work/replacing then there's no issue with putting software on. My 63k 1999 S4 avant needed coolant temp sensor, exhaust, lambda probes, cam cover gaskets, MAF, DVs, prior...
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    B5 S4 gt28rs disco potato instead of K04

    Andy, speak to Dave at Ecode Tuning over in the US... he's running quite an animal at the moment! They should be able to give you some pointers!
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    006 or 007 forge valve?

    Just put some 007s on my S4 at the weekend! One of the first upgrades I do to my own cars... ...actually, I normally set the laptop writing software to the ECU then fit the DV!
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    006 or 007 forge valve?

    I've found alot of the reaction time in regards to the DV is down to the spring used on the Forge valve, never had any issues running then on our cars!
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    Difference between dump valve and diverter valve

    Thought I'd add some relavent information to this post, well actually a link to a very good post explaining why why atmospheric valves do not work... Hope this is helpful!
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    dump/diverter valve

    For an in depth expaination of why you need a recirc valve have a look here.. Good read!
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    Charity Auction for Revo Software

    It's been organised by a couple of guys from who are doing the staples to naples.. they've done it a couple of years on the run. Can't take credit for organising it I'm afraid!
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    Charity Auction for Revo Software We have donated a £499 voucher for auction on Ebay.. ..Payment will be split 50:50 between the British Heart Foundation and the Alzheimers Society. So the winning bidder will need to use the charity online facilities available...