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    Bluetooth Media playback from Android (YouTube Music)

    Evening All, looking to see if anyone has had similar experiences playing back music from YouTube music (downloaded songs) over Bluetooth with MIB3. So when stationary engine off just ignition on I can view the file structure of my downloaded music folder under YouTube music via the MMI and...
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    Direct tire pressure monitoring on vorsprung

    Evening, I've just got hold of the vin for my new car and trawling through the kit I was surprised to see "direct tire pressure monitoring system listed" hadn't seen that on any of the specs on the website. Any other vorsprung owners know if it displays temp and pressure on either of the...
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    2021 rde2 S4 engine changes

    Evening all, haven't seen any posts on here but with some research, communication with Audi UK and now updates on my order I've got confirmation that the S4 TDI engine will be revised from Jan onwards to meet the new emissions tests. It mirrors the new sq5 engine which was in the media last...