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  1. B5QUAT

    S4 timing belt, what parts and price?

    will do thanks
  2. B5QUAT

    S4 timing belt, what parts and price?

    I'd like to know how much too.
  3. B5QUAT

    Brads A4 2.0 TQS build thread

    Come up really nice has that. Nice one mate.
  4. B5QUAT

    Bonnet vents?

    Could easily look either very cool or awful, depending. What about these for ideas?
  5. B5QUAT

    B5 S4 owners

    I'm in a similar boat to you. I went from a modified TT225 (with about 280bhp) to a K04'd s4 with 410bhp. What I'd say is this. You don't get the same "sense" of speed that you do in a TT. To me the TT always "felt" faster than it actually was. The S4 actually "is" fast. The biggest difference...
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    B5 vs B6 TQS performance

    There's loads of possibilities as to why what happened happened. What's the mileage of your car compared to his? A tired engine may not produce as much horsepower as it should. Also gearing? His 6 speed box may have given him an advantage once you hit 5th. Aerodynamics? They play a...
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    I realise this may be controversial but I'd like my S4 to woosh

    Scoobies do have recirculating valves as standard and lots of people do fit VTA dumpvalves and get away with it as the engine management is very basic. I had one fitted to my 400bhp Impreza for about 5 years and it didn't cause any issues at all, although I do know of people fitting cheap ones...
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    I realise this may be controversial but I'd like my S4 to woosh

    What Aragorn says. BUT if you REALLY want the pSSSSH sound without causing your car to run badly, believe it or not you can actually buy "fake" dumpvalves (!). It's basically an electronic device. Think it connects to the accelerator, so when you lift off and the throttle closes, it triggers a...
  9. B5QUAT

    Running rough, lumpy idle?

    I wouldn't run it without the MAF for any period. It's there for a reason. Did you buy a genuine replacement MAF or a cheapo alternative. Swapping a knackered MAF for a cheap replacement may cause you issues. Idle hunt suggests perhaps an airleak somewhere. Disconnecting the MAF is just hiding...
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    Swapping the rear lights is dead easy and makes the car look more modern I think PFL Half and half FL
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    Things I've had to do since buying mine: Prone to boost leaks so check all hoses/vacpipes and jubblys, ideally get it pressure tested. Dumpvalves....prone to leaking Rocker cover gaskets Coilpacks.....some people replace them with the later TFSI coils, but it requires additional hardware and...
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    Fitted my new Liquid S4 gauge at weekend

    Bought a Liquid S4 gauge from Race Diagnostics last week and fitted it last weekend. Doddle to fit really. Few of the functions don't work on the older S4s unfortunately but all the important ones do, plus I can scan for trouble codes and do resets with it. Did a quick blast too to get some...
  13. B5QUAT

    Y plate S4 estate for £2000? Is this a bargain?

    2 grand is cheap if it's a good one. I wouldn't be put off by mileage as long as it's been properly maintained/warmed up/cooled down etc, regular oil changes etc. I'd rather have a 140k miler that's been looked after than an 80k miler that has been thrashed and never serviced. Mines done 180k...
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    Cone filter or panel filter

    Drill holes in the OEM airbox base to get a sportier note. Loads of threads on this.
  15. B5QUAT

    My avant and wheel options.

    BBS LM reps look sweet in my opinion. Esp on darker colours. My old 1.8TQS saloon:
  16. B5QUAT

    New shoes

    It's funny you know. I've had a real positive response to them on here. Over on SRS no one likes them!
  17. B5QUAT

    New shoes

    If I'm honest, I do prefer the "look" of the RS reps but the handling, ride and feel of the car is far better on the Team Dymnamics. They aren't cheap, but worth that little extra.
  18. B5QUAT

    New shoes

    Slapped my new wheels and tyres on at the weekend. Team Dynamics Pro Race with Goodyear Eagle F1s 235/40/18. Much lighter wheel than my winter RS4 reps and no need for a spacer anymore. Plenty of clearance on the calipers with these. Before: After:
  19. B5QUAT

    Eyes over this

    Aside from the ridiculous claim of an induction kit adding 15-20bhp it looks a very clean and well looked after car. At that price though I'd have to make damn sure the turbos etc were ok before putting my hand in my pocket.
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    Wheel dilemmas. Opinions please.

    Yeah I'm pretty sure I would. My old LMs wouldn't go over my TQS's B6 S4 brakes without a 15mm spacer and these RS6s are obviously miles bigger so I'd probably need a 20mm at least! I went to Wheelbase yesterday for some ideas and apparently they DO do the Pro Race in silver but i had to order...