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    New newbie!

    [ QUOTE ] Duane S. Bone said: Actually, since getting a newer model I have noticed some interesting things. My original yellow was from mid 1999, it was one of the first to enter the country. When I was showing it to another Audi guy, he and I noticed that the hands on the dash were RED! I...
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    Hi.. I'm new here

    Well then.... Welcome to both of you!!
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    Hello - New here too...

    SUPER pic!!! What desert is that?? Or is it a desert? I know the Atacama desert in Chile is supposed to be the most brutal in the world. Welcome (back?) to the United States and welcome to the forum!
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    A racing background, but new here.

    I just saw a dolphin grey RS6 last night in So. Jersey. Those brakes are sweet! Good luck with it. Are you So. or No. Jersey?
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    New newbie!

    Where abouts in the Boston area are you located? I'll be going to the GTG this Saturday (17th) in Brookline. Do you know about it? It would be great if you could show with your Imola, too!! Here's the link to our post (I go by the same name there, too): BAG (Boston Audi Group) - GTG...
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    New newbie!

    Woohoo! Welcome to the forum! From one 2000 Imola S4 owner to the other - good for you!
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    Proud New A2 owner.

    Woot! Welcome to the forums! And yes, PLEEEEEEEEZ add to the forums!
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    Please give me a round of applause.

    Hey... glad to know you get your fingers dirty and try to do the work yourself. The A4 isn't really that hard to work on, is it? It's not as easy as a Honda, but it's also not as complicated as a Saab or Jaguar! BTW: The control arms are a regular issue with Audis - you're not alone with that...
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    Finally my time has come

    Welcome Murdoch! Please feel free to ask away.
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    Please give me a round of applause.

    Welcome dukez! I remember you! I'm here a lot to read what the euro blokes are doing. It's a really good bunch of Audiphiles; the mood is good, too. (Except for a moment ago when I got pissy about a 16 year old know-it-all kid.) What's been happening with your car?
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    Hey all, im new

    Welcome! Which Audi are you considering?
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    Can you beileve it, another new member!!!

    Welcome! Are you in the States, too? For hp gains... SUPERCHARGE that thang!
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    new member

    Welcome to all! Good luck with your cars and feel free to ask questions on any subject.
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    A4 tdi quattro

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    Hello I am new

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Hello all!

    Welcome! Join in. Now.... Where are you located and what do you drive??
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    New boy

    You got mail!
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    New boy

    [ QUOTE ] Negaro Blue said: Hi everyone new boy on here, just puchased a 1998 S4 avant, hope you dont mind lots of questions about subtle mods Regards Mark [/ QUOTE ] Welcome! Go ahead with the questions, except... be prepared for flames if you ask really basic questions that could be...
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    Hello Chaps & Chapesses

    [ QUOTE ] robR32 said: Advertising a fellow enthusiasts site. Is that not allowed? Sorry guys. Feel free to ad as many links as you like to "that" site I mentioned - we like to be part of all things VAG [/ QUOTE ] Nooooo! It's allowed - it's just kind of tacky to be posting it as a first...
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    Hello Chaps & Chapesses

    [ QUOTE ] Imola S3 said: Advertising on your first post... naughty naughty! [/ QUOTE ] Ditto! But glad to have a new member anyway.