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  1. mattm

    AMI help - will this work?

    When I bought my car it came with the AMI cable suitable for iPhones (lightening). I have a Samsung so I am thinking of either buying a new cable, OR... buying an adaptor to go from lightening to samsung..... do we think this will work??
  2. mattm

    service position - b6 a4

    Hi all, I want to remove the front bumper and move the radiator forward so i can get to the snub mount. I can't find any definitive instructions for putting the a4 into service mode/position? Any help appreciated. :)
  3. mattm

    Changing mounts on 2.5 V6 ... help please

    Hi all, looking to change all/any accessible mounts on my 2.5 which I think are causing some horrible shaking/clunking on setting off. First thought it was the clutch but I am now leaning to the mounts as the whole car is vibrating and it only clunks/shakes when setting off. If it isn't the...
  4. mattm

    rear light circuit faulty? only part of the rear light working

    anybody had the same, my rear brake and light bulbs are not working... although the indicator and reverse light are. ? any solutions apart from buying a new circuit. cheers
  5. mattm

    fitting coilovers

    have tried the search, no luck. ive fitted coils before, just not on an a3, any links to guides? anything tricky about the a3? cheers!
  6. mattm

    how to get the turbo to spool quicker?

    So im on KO3, remap, forge 007p and FMIC. Great power (all be it ko3!!) but it spools up way too slow for my liking (around 3-3200 rpm). My mrs. MK5 GTI spools up at 1000rpm for god sake! Any ideas? cheers lads
  7. mattm

    fitting fmic - any info please

    does anybody have or can give some info on fitting a fmic? i get the general idea but need some info/tips/pics of them being fitted/and fitted :)
  8. mattm

    need definate answer! mk4 golf seats

    Ok ive just bought some mk4 recaros (not paid for yet). I need to know definate they'll go in my 97' a3? cheers!! :)
  9. mattm

    any pics of gold a3's?

    hi all ive gone through the "your pics" of a3's but there is only ONE gold a3 Any pics??? No bodykitted ones though cheers :footy:
  10. mattm

    92 degrees

    Hi all Changed t'stat yesterday, now it sits at 90 all the time, apart from when im stood still it goes to 92-94 degrees? Is the temp sensor to blame? Cheers
  11. mattm

    need urgent help! re: coolant

    so ive just changed my thermostat and it emptied its coolant due to me being a slow **** and not realising quick enough to put the new stat on lol so now its emptied of coolant, can i put water back in or do i need to buy coolant??? never filled it up before also there are loads of little...
  12. mattm

    help with getting pipe off

    anyone know how to get this pipe off? going to the thermostat its stuck on proper tight and after trying to get it off, in the process ripping my hands apart i just cannot get it off any ideas????
  13. mattm

    clutch question

    so i start my car, put it in 1st and without putting my foot on the accelerator, release my foot from clutch and it drives away? what are the causes???? cheers
  14. mattm

    some help with fault code??

    Anyone know what this means? Car is running fine, so cannot see what the problem is? 16989 P0605 Internal Control Module Read Only Memory (EPROM) Error
  15. mattm

    Anti Corrosion Warranty Rant GRRRRRR

    So my A3 has the common rust on roof rails. Drove 10 miles to Warrington Audi and the service guy said yes, its defiantly coming from the inside-out. Bingo, I was half way there. They reccomended me to CarCosmetics in Manchester. Drove 30 miles to them and there were scruffy workers walking...
  16. mattm

    maf part number (not the usual question)

    eh up phoned a few audis for a new maf, got a price of 75 quid but thats for the whole unit, i only need the sensor so does anyone have the part number? not paying 75 quid when all i need is the sensor....? ta :w00t:
  17. mattm

    A3 1.8t V5?

    Im looking at a new MAF sensor on ebay and the company states this particular model is for A3 1.8T V5... what the hell is that? Im aware of a Golf V5 but not A3? Said that Audi never made an A3 V5 but they replied and said they did from 97-2000. Are they talking crap or what? If not... never...
  18. mattm

    Condensation inside my a3

    Any ideas chaps? Only really started happening recently to the point where the inside of the windscreen is soaked. Also got my golf clubs out of the boot and they're drenched in condensation too. I dont have the climate on, only hot air as its collld. Parked next to 2 houses too so not...
  19. mattm

    grrrr can someone post a pic of a black a3 with black angel eyes!!

    cannot find one anywhere!! cheers if anyone has one :rockwoot:
  20. mattm

    Is this normal? Im new to the 1.8T

    Got an A3 sport 1.8T I came from a mark3 golf gti (150bhp) and it was so quick - through each gear. I got the audi thinking the turbo would be pretty much the same but obviously give a little boost feeling. Thing is 1st, 2nd are amazing, really pulls but 3rd 4th 5th are all quite slow and...