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  1. James.B8

    Major lag in between gear changes on S3

    This has happened on a couple of occasions recently but tonight was worse than ever trying to over take and in the end I had to back off (no thanks to the car speeding up to try and stop me getting passed:rage:wasnt even a “fast” car) as the lag was so bad I just couldn’t build speed. This is...
  2. James.B8

    Pricing. System Clenz WSM. Help

    Hi all, Looking to get my S3 booked in for a detail. Wondering if anyone can help me out on price. Job I've been quoted for is going to take 3 days. Going for the following which I copied from the email: Enhancement detail to remove around 70% of surface defects £450 (2 days) Gtechniq Crystal...
  3. James.B8

    Car cover

    Anyone using a car cover for their A3 or S3 saloon? Recommend them? Just picked up my car today and the neighbours little **** of a dog (private lane with our houses at the end with shared courtyard drive where the dogs roam freely) jumped up onto my car!! He has done this before with my old...
  4. James.B8

    Mystic Blue S3 Saloon

    Hi all, Been in and out of this forum recently asking for advice on buying a new or used s3. Finally pulled the trigger and picked up my Mystic Blue S3 Saloon. Super high spec and amazing colour. From initial photos I saw it looked like Navarra but in real life they're worlds apart. Mystic...
  5. James.B8


    Hi all, It's time to say goodbye. Moving over to an S3 saloon so I'm not going far. I still have my A4 but after putting it up for sale every now and then to test the water the time has come to part ways. Been a brilliant car and can't fault it for what it is. I'm either going to have to part...
  6. James.B8

    S3 owners under 25

    Hi all, I'm still looking to find a used 8v s3 and been doing some more research recently. I can afford to buy new but I think I've got my sensible head on and have been talked out of it. Save a few more pennies. Noticed there seems to be quite a lot of twenty something's on here which I was...
  7. James.B8

    Considering an S3. Is this a good deal?

    Hi all, Been weighing up my options this week for a new (to me) car as I've recently got a new job so want to treat myself. Plus I'm sick of driving manual and I'm craving an auto. Test drove a Mercedes CLA45 AMG this morning which was lovely and sounded great. Then this afternoon I went to...
  8. James.B8

    In the market for sportback s3

    Hi all, Currently driving a manual b8 2.0tdi A4 saloon but looking for something a bit more nippy. Ideally I'd have a v6/v8 Audi but they're either too old or out of my budget and I think from what I've read an S3 will be more than enough for me. My must haves are: black edition, sportback, s...
  9. James.B8

    Spotted: S5 silver or grey N. Somerset

    Coming up towards sidcot/winscombe on the A38. Absolutely flying up the hill overtaking a few cars. First B9 I've seen in the flesh and it was a beauty :hearteyes:only thing I'd say they need is an aftermarket exhaust maybe to get a bit more grunt.
  10. James.B8

    Moving to petrol. Vote for which car?

    So looking to sell my manual 2.0tdi b8 A4 and get something more sporty and automatic. Been looking at a few options but due to my budget I've had to rule out a few. Im interested in the s3's and TTS's but the 8P S3 looks a little dated. I've also found a cabriolet s5 3.0 v6 which sadly is a...
  11. James.B8

    Wrap glue residue

    Hi all, Just had the wrap taken off of my A4 and there is a fair bit of glue residue left on the paint work which the guy couldn't remove. He got most of it off but there's still a fair bit left. He tried tar remover but with no luck. I've heard WD40 is good? Any suggestions or tips? Thanks...
  12. James.B8

    Fully dynamic indicators

    Wondering if anyone has seen these before? Always loved dynamic indictators on the newer audis and rs6's etc. And the semi-dynamic indicators people get just don't have the same effect. Would love these on my next car.
  13. James.B8

    Car finance

    Looking to upgrade my car and thinking it may be better to finance it rather than try and cash buy. Wanting to get either an auto b8 s4 or a black edition auto b8.5 2.0tfsi Quattro or 3.0tdi Quattro. Ideally an avant for a change. Just wondering if anyone's financing their current car and...
  14. James.B8

    Audi tried charge me £600!!

    Car was in for a service on Wednesday and whilst it was there they carried out a health check. The only things I said yes to them working on were the wiper blades (only just replaced anyway), fixing the screen washer, fuel locking cap and brake fluid. They also said I need a new cam belt and...
  15. James.B8


    Saw these two lovely black editions today in Weston Tesco parked next to each other. 16 plate S5 sportback and an 11 plate A5. I parked about 3 spaces along from you. Made my urge to change car even stronger. [/URL]
  16. James.B8

    S4 boys help!

    Recently been thinking about what I'm going to get next once I come to sell my car. Been looking at 3.0tdi A4/5s and S4/5s and found a few nice examples. Decided my next car has to be an automatic and if it's an S4 have the two tone nappa leather. Found this on auto trader at 55k FASH in...
  17. James.B8

    Seem like a good price?

    Hi just spotted this and wondering if it seems like a good price? Waiting to here back on what they'd offer on a part ex. Cheers, James
  18. James.B8

    Bristol detailer and wrap removal?

    Hi all, Considering removing the wrap on my a4 as its showing its age and it's covered in chips. Only thing I'm worried about is the condition of the paint underneath. Some pictures in my thread here So looking...
  19. James.B8


    Lowered black A1 driving past the Woodborough Inn in winscombe about 19:20/30.
  20. James.B8


    :hubbahubba: Rs4 conversion looks amazing It's for sale...tempted It's a 2.0tdi 143 Saw it on insta