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    Audi A3 2.0 tfsi xenon

    hello all My car has xenon headlights and the little bracket that is on the N/F wishbone snapped ! I can’t seem to find a replacement ? Would anyone know where I can get one from ? I’m might have to make something up if not Cheers
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    P3 Integrated Boost Gauge

    Hey there , can you tell me exactly which app Is best as when I type torque obd2 , it comes up with all different apps (iPhone 7) Reason I ask is I have a boost gauge which doesn’t seem to work properly , with the engine off it sits below zero , I have plumber correctly via forge adapter for...
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    a3 boost gauge

    Cheers all Tried squeezing another O ring , still no luck . Might buy another hose that runs from pcv to inlet and use old one by drilling hole and fitting a pipe
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    a3 boost gauge

    Hi all I have a connector that I bought from Ebay very similar to the Forge one that connects between the PCV and inlet manifold ! My problem is I can't seem to get a decent seal , as the boost gauge does not go past 0 boost when flooring it, also I can hear a sucking/whistling sound, Has...
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    Spark plugs 2.0 tfsi

    hey I have a 2.0 tfsi A3 axx engine, being remapped next month , it has a revo intake and milltek turbo back system What plugs would you recommend ? I was looking at Ngk bkr8eix Cheers
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    Boost gauge tap

    hello I have fitted a boost gauge tap that fits to the pcv valve intake pipe , very similar to the forge one. On the forge instructions it says to use the smallest holed nipple ! When I doing the boost gauge sits at -8psi but when driving at hitting boost the gauge does not even get to 0 ...
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    Boost gauge piping location 2.0 tfsi 2005

    Hello all I have a 2005 A3 2.0 tfsi and would like to install a boost gauge , but where do I feed the pipe through firewall ? Any advise would be welcome ! Thank you
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    Clutch kit

    hello all I have an A3 axx engine car and am getting a remap in April by R tech . I want to upgrade my clutch later in the year ! I believe the clutch everyone talks about is the Sachs organic clutch but with a luk DMF ? Is this correct and anyone have a part number for the fly wheel Thank you
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    A3 2.0 tfsi Quattro splitter

    Hello all My A3 to me looks kinda cool but is missing something sweet for the front bumper , so I was thinking of fitting a splitter ! What colour would you recommend within regards to the body colour
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    PCV Delete kit

    Hello all I am going to install a boost gauge to my A3 2.0 TFSI ( 05 reg) Is it worth getting the forge PCV delete kit ? as this comes with the adapter to tap the boost gauge into ? Any advise ? Cheers
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    A3 2.0 TFSI panel filter or induction kit

    Hi there Well I have turbo back down pipe and sport cat (milltek) I am looking at a remap in near future, but I don't have finances to go crazy , so power wise around the 250 bhp mark . Is an induction kit nessasary or just a performance panel filter
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    A3 2.0 TFSI panel filter or induction kit

    Hello I have been told to think carefully before getting an Induction kit, i was thinking of the Revo induction kit What would you recommend on the A3 an induction kit or a Performance panel filter ? also i do have a Milltek exhaust system ! Cheers for that
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    Quick lip splitter

    I am curious to see what you all think of these type splitters ? You think they look pretty cool or would...
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    audi a3 quattro 2.0 tfsi s line

    Cheers for the reply, i am going to do the rest of the car over the weekend, will compare the old to new shocks although like i said i did that already but will use emery cloth inside hub clamp etc etc, then will get back to the original one i did. Will see what happens although stressing me out
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    audi a3 quattro 2.0 tfsi s line

    Hello all Hope somebody can asdvise me , i am a little stressed out, i bought some H&R springs (35mm) and some front bilstein front shocks (55mm) to replace mine ! Anyway struggled to get the drop link free as the inner hex was rusted away, so it kept spinning, anyway managed to get it off and...
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    2.0 tfsi Quattro aircon

    Hello all My aircon is not working , so a mate who has the regarding equipment topped the gas off, even though mine was 3/4 full . My question does anyone know what fuse or relay operates the aircon ? Although it's quite possible the pump is gone but it's worth just checking for power first...
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    Audi A3 2.0 tfsi Quattro s line

    Thanks for the replies , but are the shocks 50 or 55mm ? Cheers
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    Audi A3 2.0 tfsi Quattro s line

    Hello all I am looking to upgrade my suspension and was looking at the H & R springs 35mm. What is the standard lowering of the s line model (2005) I am not looking to slam it to the floor , so perhaps ever so slightly lower would be perfect Also are the front shocks on the s line 50mm or...
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    Audi A3 2.0 tfsi quattro

    hello all I have an 05 2.0 tfsi quattro and am looking at getting the 35mm h & r springs ! What I would like to know as my car is the s line , what is the factory lowering on this car as I am guessing the 35mm springs would lower my car by a further 10mm ! Is this correct Cheers