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    My S3 :(

    Well I never really got time to post pictures up, but I'll be parting with my S3 soon. I honestly can't criticise the car. I came from a 1.4TFSI A3 and I've loved every minute of it. The power, handling and even the mpg wasn't as bad as people make it out to be! As it's being sold I managed to...
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    Audi S3 major service, prices?

    Got the service coming up soon. Best price I've got is £509. This will include brake fluid and haldex oil change. Is this a reasonable price or is there something better out there? Also they said I will need the spark plugs changing, in the service book it says this should be done at 57,000...
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    Approved used, service question?

    I bought my S3 about a month ago, when I bought it I didn't notice that the major service was due within 3000 miles. I've done about 1500 miles and now the service is a 1000 miles away. Should the dealers have done the service? Does anyone know what the policy is on this? Thanks
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    4 Wheel Alignment - S3

    Hi, does anybody know the best place to get a full 4 wheel alignment in West Yorkshire? The steering feels a bit indirect and it's slightly off to the right. Is it worth getting the geometry checked as well?
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    Phone cradle Blackberry

    Can I get a price on the phone cradle for the 9700. I've actually got the upgraded version 9780, will this still be ok to use?
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    RNS-E coding

    Hi, I need some help coding the rns e to my S3. The car is a 58 plate 8P3 and it had the concert unit before. The car has, Bose sound system, Bluetooth, aux and iPod connection (cd changer). The aux does not seem to work but eveything else is working apart from the fuzzy sounds on the...
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    Used RS3 already for sale...

    Audi  RS3  T FSISPORTBACK WITH SAT/NAV+LTHR+++    2.5  Automatic for Sale, West Yorkshire - Shaks Specialist Cars Ltd - Huddersfield - West Yorkshire
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    Water/coolant temperature problem

    My 2008 S3 water temp seems to drop every now and then after it has hit 90 degrees. Even after a long 1 hour drive on the motorway the temperatue just slightly drops and then slowly goes back up. I've put it on a VCDS and there aren't any sensor faults. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Buying an S3

    Hopefully within the next 2-3 weeks. I'm going for the 8P3 model, 3 door and possibly sprint blue. Is this one of the best colours to go for? What should I be looking out for when I check it out?
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    Insurance on two cars

    Im 21, driving for 4 years with a clean license and 4 years no claims. I've got a mk4 golf and hopefully a new S3 soon. I've tried admiral but best I can get is around £2200. Anyone else insuring two cars on 1 policy? Any ideas as to how I can save some money? Thanks
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    Golf Mk4 boot problem

    I changed the battery on the fob and since then it won't unlock the boot. The key won't fit into the barrel. Anyone have any ideas how I can get this going?
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    Respraying a golf

    I've bought a T reg golf and looking to get it sprayed. It's a very funny green colour and has a few rust patches, I'll be keeping it as a second car so thought might as well! Does anyone have any ideas as to how much I'll be paying? Not looking for the best of jobs as it is an old car.
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    Speed camera, advice needed

    Caught doing 47mph in a 40 zone. The 40 zone is temporary on the motorway. Anyway so got a NIP through the post asking for the drivers details etc... Now with the letter it says I can be considered for a speed awareness course. As I've got a clean license and had no incidents in the four years...
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    Oil change, your prices?

    Car is due for an oil change on my 1.4T A3, best I can get quoted is £150 for the 5w30 longlife and filter change. Any of you guys got better prices elsewhere?
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    Anyone suggest a cheap runner?

    Need a local runner, which ones are the most reliable? Anyone selling? Budget is £500-600. Cheers
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    Which coolant

    For a 1.4T petrol...needs a top up, any ideas? Cheers
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    How much do you think its worth?

    Well I'll be looking to move on from my A3, just wanted to find out how much you lot think I can get for it privately.. It's a 2008, 1.4 TFSI sport, ice silver, 3 door. RNS-E sat nav, multi-function steering wheel, DIS, arm rest. It's on 30,000 with 2 prev. owners. Audi warranty runs up to...
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    Remap 1.4 T

    Has anybody remapped their 1.4 T? The gains seem to be good but obviously I'm concerned that 140 BHP may be too much for a 1.4. Also I still have the Audi warranty so will they find out if something goes wrong with the car for example? Thanks
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    Quick RNS-E install question

    Where did you guys put the GPS aerial? And what did you stick it on with. TIA
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    Rear diffuser help

    I want to replace the current part... With the S-line diffuser Would I need to change the bumper or is it a straight swap? Thanks