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  1. davc

    17" Steelies for the Winter

    Right here goes... Been looking for a set of used 18" alloys to use with winter tyres and have found a set off an A3 Saloon which are 8J; however I'm loathe to pay £400 for them as two of them have bad kerb damage and they are hundreds of miles away with local collection only. According to the...
  2. davc

    Continental Sport Contact 6

    Hi guys, My fronts are needing changed and I'm thinking about these to replace the 5P's was wondering if anyone has tried them. From what I've read this is a better tyre than the 5P which I've found to be rather good. My other option is the GY Assy 3 which are about £15 more per tyre but not...
  3. davc

    Glen Frey - RIP

    Just saw in the news that he passed away yesterday. Such a sad loss for world of music. I grew up listening to the Eagles and am still a massive fan of theirs. So sad.
  4. davc

    VAG Auto Centre Manchester

    Hi all, I'm thinking of using these guys for some routine servicing and was wondering if anyone on here can recommend them. Cheers David.
  5. davc

    A/C not blowing cold air

    My A/C hasn't been working for a while and as the weather is warming up I have decided to do something about it. Address 08: Auto HVAC Labels: 8P0-820-043.lbl Part No SW: 8P0 820 043 BH HW: 8P0 820 043 BH Component: KlimavollautomatH09 0100 Revision: 000710 Serial...
  6. davc

    PCV Valve?

    Hi all my car develops a subtle squeeling noise once warm (sounds like siezed brakes), but is coming from the engine. I checked the belts and they look fine. Putting the steering on full lock and switching on the aircon doesn't make it any worse so I assume it's not belt or tensioner related...
  7. davc

    Will these fit?

    Evening All, Looking to get a new set of mirror covers and have them painted properly and return the ones on my car to their original aluminium look when I remove them. The dealer I bought the car from had them painted but the finish is peeling off. I found these on ebay from ECP. They look...
  8. davc

    The future's bright.....hello from Scotland

    Evening all, been lurking around here for a while, thought I'd finally introduce myself. I'm new to Audi after 11 years in a modded MK4 Golf PD150. My intention is to leave the S3 alone, but I know it's gonna be hard :crying: Great forum btw! Cheers, David