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  1. Jon B

    Removing bird poo

    Hi all, Got a bit of a nightmare situation with my car. It is sat under a tree which some ravens etc have decided to take residence in this spring. After only a week since cleaning the entire car is coated in bird poo and i’m finding it really difficult to remove. Does anybody have any useful...
  2. Jon B

    Bluetooth - Phone Issue

    Hi all, i’ve had my C7.5 for about 6 months now with no issues. However, for the past week or two - when making phone calls the recipient is hearing a lot of feedback and I am struggling to hear what they are saying with quite a lot of crackling noise. I did wash my car a couple of weeks ago...
  3. Jon B

    Moving from the A4 B8.5 forum... New car!

    Hi all, Just sold this: - Now the proud owner of this: - 2017 Audi A6 Avant S-Line. 2.0 TDI Ultra 190bhp S-Tronic. With Black Edition styling pack. Just awaiting V5 to put private plate on. A lovely vehicle. The A4 was already refined, but this is on a different level. I love the...
  4. Jon B

    Rear windscreen arm

    Hi all, I recently had the rear wiper motor replaced on my B8.5 Avant. I don’t know if the garage bodged it or I’m just unlucky as earlier this week the wiper arm snapped off. I can see you can buy replacements reasonably cheaply at £25. Are they easy to fit, any special tools required? I...
  5. Jon B

    Apple CarPlay 2017 Model

    Hi, Ive been offered a good deal to buy my father in law’s 2017 A6 Avant S Line. The only negative I can see is that the MMI system is the same as my A4 B8.5, which whilst it does the job is looking increasingly dated. I’ve done a bit of a google as it seems MY16 models onward were offered...
  6. Jon B

    Am I missing something?

    Hi, first time I’ve visited the B9 section. I’m looking to retire my B8.5 toward the end of this year and tbh I wasn’t looking at another A4 Avant. However, I’m just browsing on Autotrader and there are Audi dealerships offering 19 & 69 plate S Line 35 TFSI’s with only a few thousand on the...
  7. Jon B

    Rear Wiper Stopped Working

    Hi, As the title suggests. Rear wiper has stopped working on my B8.5 Avant. The spray mechanism still works, but it doesn’t move and is stuck on the middle of the rear windscreen. Is the motor knackered, if so - easy to replace for a novice? Thanks, Jon
  8. Jon B

    Maintenance Due between 100-150k miles?

    Hi all, Happy New Year! This question relates to a manual diesel B8.5. Essentially, car is on 110k miles and I have an option to purchase my father in law’s 17 plate Audi A6 Avant Black Edition in April 2021. Therefore I am likely to be hitting around 140k miles in the A4 by then. Unforeseen...
  9. Jon B

    Bike roof rack to fit official Audi A4 Avant roofbars

    Hi all, Going to France in a couple of weeks and a pair of Thule bike racks won’t fit on my Audi roof bars as the bars are too thick. I attach our roofbox directly. Does anybody have any recommendations for bike racks that fit, please? Thanks
  10. Jon B

    Lighting board B8.5 Avant

    Hi, Looking at buying a rear mounted bike rack for our holiday to France later this year. Seen a decent Thule one, but will require a lighting board. The one I’m looking at says it comes with a 7 pin connector which most cars have. Question is, does the Audi and where is it if so? I’m...
  11. Jon B

    Rear Shock Absorber gone

    Hi all, Apparently rear shock absorber has gone on my B8.5 avant. Best to replace both at same time? Been quoted £75+vat for part and £50+vat for labour from Audi indie - sound reasonable? Car has 90k on clock - is this average age for it to fail? Thanks, Jon
  12. Jon B

    Outside edge of rear tyres worn?

    Hi, Got a pair of continentals on the rear of my B8.5 Avant. The tread is around 2mm and the tyres will be replaced soon. However on the outer edge of both rear tyres the tread is worn. It’s not like it on the insides, so can’t be under inflation. Any idea what has caused it? As an aside, I...
  13. Jon B

    Permanently turn off start stop?

    Hi all, Got an issue starting on my B8.5 2.0 TDI. Sometimes when the car is in start stop mode, when I push the clutch in the car doesn’t restart the engine, it constantly turns over until it stops completely and I have to manually start the engine. I’ve decided, whatever is wrong is going to...
  14. Jon B

    Air con service

    Hi, Summer is finally here, so air con is now keeping the car cool instead of demisting! My B8.5 is nearly 5 years old and I don’t think it has been regassed at any point. It still blows pretty cold, but does sometimes smell a bit fousty. I don’t usually go to kwik fit or the like, but for an...
  15. Jon B

    B8.5 Avant Rear Wiper

    Hi all, When I bought my A4 Avant last May, the rear wiper was knackered. I bought a decent replacement, but for some reason it has made a horrible squeally noise since I installed it. It seems like the standard length is too long and it also struggles to clear the screen. Is this normal, if...
  16. Jon B

    Window Tinting Recommendation

    Morning, Looking at getting the rear passenger windows and boot window on my B8.5 Avant tinted. Mainly because I have two young kids and the blinds rattle and irritate the hell out of me. Also as my car is black I think it looks pretty decent. I’ve seen a couple of companies via google...
  17. Jon B

    New member - Clutch and Tyre Question!

    Hi all, Joined yesterday. I’ve had my B8.5 Avant 2.0 TDI for about 9 months now. Bought it with 41k on the clocks and now approaching 60,000 miles and a service including cam belt change. So going to be an expensive month! Luckily my local Audi specialist will do the service and cam belt change...