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  1. Stu!!!

    'Brakes' on DIS and flashing handbrake light

    I had the same problem when turning right, but it was always after just starting my journey, so i assumed it was the battery. I topped the brake fluid up during a routine check of levels (oil, coolant, brake fluid etc) and its completely stopped now - so i assume the fluid was enough to trigger...
  2. Stu!!!

    What cat to get on friday??

    Hows it sound ? Have you got any video's ? :o.k:
  3. Stu!!!


    Videos needed :thumbsup:
  4. Stu!!!

    Key fob will not lock or unlock

    The booster / Antenna for the fob / signal is in the boot, if you move the fob around the boot whilst pressing either lock or unlock etc, it will pick up a signal again. This has worked everytime... resyncing, disconnecting battery etc just didnt work ...
  5. Stu!!!

    Key fob will not lock or unlock

    I've had the same problem twice now, without knowing the exact reason it stops working, in my situation, its been related to the antenna / receiver for the fob. If you go into the boot, and simply try pressing the key fob in a few random places, hopefully, it will receive the signal and all...
  6. Stu!!!

    Central locking not working - Convenience module at fault ?

    Thanks for the heads up mate - Im gonna be installing a nice Audio Upgrade next month, so I'll strip it back and have a good look before tackling any wiring :thumbsup:
  7. Stu!!!

    Central locking not working - Convenience module at fault ?

    True, but so far all the wiring looked good, and solid... so hopefully, it will just need extending (the antenna)... As I mentioned above ,it happened a year ago but sorted itself out after a few weeks, so hopefully its nothing sinister lurking - I'll keep you posted if anything changes :)
  8. Stu!!!

    Central locking not working - Convenience module at fault ?

    Right, after clearing out some gunk from around the battery, which was just a build up of dry leaves and berries - it was pretty dry tbh, so I didnt bother removing the battery. My mate who is brilliant with cars, whipped up the carpet and dug deep to check out the CCM, which was completely...
  9. Stu!!!

    It's a wrap!! - or it will be soon

    Really nice :hubbahubba: ... I quite fancy doing my black Avant in a white wrap ... how much did this set you back ? I fancy leaving the roof black, spraying the RS6's in Black, tinting the windows, and then spraying the grills black too... :idea:
  10. Stu!!!

    Central locking not working - Convenience module at fault ?

    Its not the key fobs, tried both, and changed batteries, but nothing responds... The only other point worth noting is my wife adjusted the passenger seat ( whilst putting my sons car seat in ) and after that, the central locking / remote stopped working... Could be pure coincidence, but it...
  11. Stu!!!

    Central locking not working - Convenience module at fault ?

    Hiya guys, For no particular reason, my central locking has stopped working today, well, stopped working remotely. If you unlock the car manually, and turn the ignition, then central locking works fine, but not via the remote. This has happened before, and in a very random coincidence...
  12. Stu!!!

    x5 wheels on an avant

    Just dont look right, as others said, sell them, and get some nice OEM alloys, they will sit better and look better too ... (Dont rule out some good reps too - if you can get the right offset, they look sweet - I got ET35's and its got a lovely stance on standard sport shocks) :icon_thumright:
  13. Stu!!!

    Opinions please :)

    I cant work out if I like it or not ... some angles look lovely, and others not quite right :think: Its almost there, personally, Id de-chrome the front grill, swap the mirrors for black ones (unless they're covers and easily removed) ... and Id change the front bumper to an S-Line I think it...
  14. Stu!!!

    First post - new car

    Nice clean example :) Out if curiosity, what's your diesel "toy" ?
  15. Stu!!!

    RS4 Style 8x18 wheel markings

    Id say reps too ... also you mentioned the ad listed them as RS4 Style alloys, which is usually indicates they're reps. Most ebayers (who know what they're selling) would make a definite point of listing them as Original or Genuine Audi RS4 alloys etc. Hope you didnt pay "original" money for...
  16. Stu!!!

    19" wheels on standard suspension

    Ive sent him a pm - thanks guys ! :)
  17. Stu!!!

    19" wheels on standard suspension

    Ive purchased a set of RS6 reps with an ET35 (19x8) so hoping the stance will be just right ... Im looking into getting some B5 Perches to, Ive read that they will drop the front end another 15mm > ? Where's the best place to buy them - besides Audi ? (unless they're cheap enough) ;)
  18. Stu!!!

    19" wheels on standard suspension

    Is your A4 on Sport setup in that pic or is that on coilovers ? Looking sweeeeeeet - fair play ! I've sourced a set of RS6 reps, 19x8 / ET35 - and fancy them for 03 Avant Sport - but only if sits sweet and doesn't resemble an Audi Allroad :think:
  19. Stu!!!

    Temp gauge

    As above, mine was faulty and I had it sorted by Euro Performance whilst I was having a remap - it was pretty cheap tbh :)
  20. Stu!!!

    1.8T 190 Remap - wow !

    I didn't have it rolling roaded, just road tested and tweaked til was optimal :) I discussed figures with them before and they said that typically, the 1.8T 190 responds well, and can make around 225bhp - but they did explain that absolute bhp is not important, they aim for a nice smooth torque...