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  1. D.rc

    PCV Replacement EA888

    Wondering if any one could help , had these two codes on my a3 , P0507 - Idle Air Control System RPM Higher Than Expected P2187 - System Too Lean at Idle, Bank 1 after some research found out it was just a faulty pcv , pulled dipstick with engine on and it did not have any stuttering so i...
  2. D.rc

    Lowering springs fitment check?

    Will these springs fit my a3 A3 8P 2009 2.0TFSI FWD Black edition running standard black edition alloys
  3. D.rc

    2.0TFSI Stage 2 FWD

    Hi I have been slowly getting parts together to stage 2 my 8p 2.0tfsi and had a couple questions. Mods installed are Decat 3inch-resonator delete-GFB-Ram intake I was looking online at apr/revo and they both have different requirements some say to have a s3 intercooler some say not to? I would...
  4. D.rc

    2.0TFSI Exhaust help!!!

    I have made a terrible decision and need help. I own a fwd. 2.0tfsi and have had a cat-less downpipe on for awhile now however I was not satisfied with the sound , sounded almost identical to the stock catted downpipe. So I decided it would be a great idea to cut the resonator out... boy was I...
  5. D.rc

    Wireless charging retro-fit 8P

    I recently installed wireless charging into my 8P while I was removing the ashtray, I thought I would show the forum as I have not seen any topics on fitting wireless charging to a 8P I made it look as original as possible by wiring it into the cigarettes lighter directly so there are no wires...
  6. D.rc

    Oversized Ramair ko3 EA888

    Hi there I'm looking to take my A3 2.0TFSI KO3 EA888 Stage 2 in the near future , already have a decat and have started looking for a intake, i have been looking at getting a ramair one, however they are saying that the only one which will fit the EA888 is this one...
  7. D.rc

    Downpipe EML 2.0TFSI

    Recently got a cat less downpipe for my Audi a3 2.0tfsi and was of course greeted by the EML light a few days after installation , I have seen many people with mk5 GTI's suggesting to use the CTS O2 spacer however I have found an alternative which works ( At least in my application) and its only...
  8. D.rc

    A3 2.0TFSI Rattle

    Hi I have noticed a strange noise when letting off throttle , a almost metallic noise it only happens when let of throttle, including when I'm stationary revving it or even when moving. I have attached a clip of the sound when revving stationary, any help or guidance if I should be worried or...
  9. D.rc

    Downpipe fitting.

    I have just ordered a catless downpipe 3' for my 2.0TFSI FWD A3 and was wondering if I should try tackle installing it myself or have a garage do it. I understand it can be quite fiddly but I was just quoted £250 to fit the downpipe has anyone got and experience/ what they were quoted for the...
  10. D.rc

    Anyway to link DRL to rear lights?

    I was wondering if I could link my DRL button so it also turned the rear lights on so I could have bright front drl's as well as the led rear lights ? I would like to have these on whilst my drl's are on. If you turn the headlights on it dim's the drl.
  11. D.rc

    Audi A3 Chrome Wing Mirror Caps

    Hi i have looked all over ebay for a pair of chrome wing mirror caps like the s3 has out the factory however i cant actually find any aftermarket ones which look good , could anyone link me where they bought theirs if they have them ones like these?
  12. D.rc

    Audi front bumper?

    Hi i just bought a new audi a3 2.0TFSI black edition , replacing my old black edition however i never actually noticed that the car i just bought actually has a different front bumper from my previous. i have added a photo comparing it to the s line BE bumper on my old one New Old at...
  13. D.rc

    Audi A3 Touchscreen

    Hi im looking at changing my Audi concert 3 for something with touchscreen / Bluetooth but there are so many to choose from was wondering what ones other people are using and how are your experiences with them ? are they slow , Bluetooth disconnects? i don't want to go spend £300 and regret it...
  14. D.rc

    Audi A3 brake pads

    Hi I was looking for some help I have these brake pads lying about and was wondering if they would fit my Audi A3 8P 3 door 1.8TFSI s-line special edition the brake pads are from Audi and the code on them are , 8W0-615-116-cd not sure if they will fit but worth a shot if they can any help is...
  15. D.rc

    Sequential Strip problems

    I have installed some led sequential turn signal+drl strips into my car however im having some issues , great if someone could help! I have wired black - to a random bolt / ground red is wired into the number 3 wire on the headlight loom if i remember correctly yellow wired to number 9 on the...
  16. D.rc

    Dynamic Turn Signal- Front

    So today i was driving home and saw another audi a3 8p wiht a dynamic turn signal on the front headslights sort of like the new audi models however it was the standard headlight ? i have looked online but can only find one similar video to what i saw however its all in Japanese if anyone could...
  17. D.rc

    Audi 1.4 Blow off

    Hey guys can anyone confirm if this will fit a Audi A3 8P 1.4TFSI ? If not is there any others i could buy ?
  18. D.rc

    B Pillar Trim Install

    Hey guys i have looked everywhere on any kind of instructions on how to remove and install the b pillar trim , i recently bought a new gloss black version since mine were extremely wore if anyone has done this previously or has and idea how to the help would be appreciated! :Grey B7: these are...