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  1. nevermore1983

    Audi S3 apy Pistons

    Hi all my friend is rebuilding engine for his girlfriends car its a S3 with the APY engine. we removed the pistons today and the skirts are really worn, so we are trying to find a new set of pistons. what is the best place to buy them from as i am struggling to find any. this car will never go...
  2. nevermore1983

    So found this today

    So went to fix oil leak from my turbo today and found this :( gutted one more job to add to list of many i need to do.
  3. nevermore1983

    Inner CV joint

    Hi just a quick question are the front inner cv joint same as the rear ones they look the same i just want to make sure and double check. Thanks
  4. nevermore1983

    Dead Turbo :(

    finally got around to taking my turbo off witch is no easy job to do on drive way and found the hot side was full of cracks my plan was for a rebuild but i dont no what i can do now what what options do i have i guess new turbo. i decided i want to stay away from second hand stuff.
  5. nevermore1983

    Head unit advice

    hi all i been reading a few posts on here about upgrading head units but still a bit confused. so before i buy anything i just want to double check. i have a audi s3 with Bose sound system will this head unit work with the PC9-410 wiring harness. Halfords | Pioneer MVH-150Ui RDS Tuner &...
  6. nevermore1983

    turbo whine

    my Girl friend was having bit of fun in car few nights ago and i notice the turbo sounds really loud is this normal.and ignore silly girly giggle at end.