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  1. ROB A3 Quattro

    Brake fitment help Hi would these be a straight bolt on job ? I've got a 2010 a3 s line Quattro tis The fronts don't look any bigger than what I have[emoji848] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. ROB A3 Quattro

    Battery coding help vcds

    Okay so did a scan with vcds got 2 fault codes first pic Trying to put in new battery code so first 3 digits the power 070 Second 3 the vendor VAO But what's the 10 digit code ? Pics ofnew battery old battery plus code on vcds now [emoji21] Any help appreciated with fault codes and the...
  3. ROB A3 Quattro

    New battery

    Hi battery died just fitting a new one do I have to do any coding or is it a straight swap ? Thanks Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  4. ROB A3 Quattro

    Emissions letter finally

    So this finally turned up today do we have to have the work done?. I've read on a few other German forums there was a noticeable loss in power [emoji20] after the work. Is it just a remap they perform I have a 170 quattro thanks Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  5. ROB A3 Quattro

    Battery Help

    Hi guys so cleaned car last night pulled in garage ,got up this morning battery dead called RAC his testing gear said i need new battery. So which do you recommend audi a3 60 plate tdi 170 stop start thanks in advance :)
  6. ROB A3 Quattro

    Coding door open beep sound

    You need to check "bit1 & bit4" to enable the beep when locking and the beep when unlocking So to get to here you need to press "Select Control Model" on the home page then press the Central Electronics Module -09 then Coding -07 then Long Coding Helper and ok the error that comes up...
  7. ROB A3 Quattro

    Xenon Lights Fitment How hard would it be to replace my standard lights to these and is the price around right[emoji2]
  8. ROB A3 Quattro

    Tapatalk Problem

    Just a test not getting notifications Through tapatalk to posts I've commented on. Reset settings and re logged back in Any 1 else having this problem
  9. ROB A3 Quattro

    Rev limiter on quattro 170 tdi

    So when the car's in neutral the revs won't go past 2.5k even with esp off. So am I right in thinking it can't be fully tested for the emissions only a smoke test
  10. ROB A3 Quattro

    Rear number plate units that work error free (finally pics)

    So after trying several bulbs and units to no avail i found these Audi Rear Number Plate Lights Replacement Retro LED Lamp A3 Hatchback 2010 (8P1) | eBay The only trouble is they need slight modification to fit, yeah a bit daft buying a mod to then mod it to fit lol,after explaining they don't...
  11. ROB A3 Quattro

    The results are in on meguiars+hexlogic( pics)

    So after buying the das 6 pro i was a bit scared at first using it, but watched hrs of junkman vids on utube and read a few other post's i set about it. started with the pre rinse then snow foam followed with the 2 bucket method then iron x and tar remover another rince then onto the g3 clay...
  12. ROB A3 Quattro

    Audi A3 | dooka detailing | Mild Correction and Show Prep Detail

    Audi A3 | dooka detailing | Mild Correction and Show Prep Detail Some nice results don't know about the wheels though[emoji6]
  13. ROB A3 Quattro

    YouTube lol found this amusing vcds
  14. ROB A3 Quattro


    So had a search nothing conclusive back to the old question has any 1 got a link for these that DONT throw up error message in rear number plate 2010 model 8p thanks
  15. ROB A3 Quattro


    This unit
  16. ROB A3 Quattro

    Quick audi sat nav question

    So I've got the standard concert unit is it a straight swap for this unit no extra wiring
  17. ROB A3 Quattro

    New head unit options not RNSE

    so guys i'm not after anything fancy with satnav just a smart double din unit with some nice functions maybe bluetooth sd card any 1 gone for something like this with maybe a little review thanks
  18. ROB A3 Quattro

    Anybody dealt with tonybanks exhaust's

    Inbox 1 of 138 Re: Online Form you - 18:08More Details ** STOCKITS OF WOLFRACE MAXIMUM AIR FLOW FULL POWER INDUCTION KITS**************************************************************...
  19. ROB A3 Quattro

    Pad priming

    So whats the best technique seems there's a few conflicting ways[emoji615]
  20. ROB A3 Quattro

    Ready for the ocd detail

    So thought i best sort the garage out before i start, 2 days emptying of crap (cant believe all the shiit you keep lol) day and half painting and sorting lighting out then stocking up on products,best not tell the missus how much has been spent here's a few pics.