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  1. billybravo

    BYE BYE A4 :(

    Sad day today i sold the A4 i will defo miss the little ****** :) i still have my TT so im not leaving you guys i will still be around. R34 Skyline or RX7 for me next :) She went for 2500 today which is alot more than i thought i was going to get. So happy days i think Regards...
  2. billybravo

    I maybe parting Should i break or sell whole

    I have lost interest in my Audi now and i need to fund my new RX7 project I'm thinking of breaking the car or just selling it without the carbon bonnet , nos and one bucket. Would anyone be interested in my bonnet on here Full carbon job not a cheap sebon copy made by Fiber images in the...
  3. billybravo

    Been on here for a while lol

    As the title i have been on here now a while but ive still not broken 1000 posts yet just five more to go. so there prob isnt much point in this thread but i just wanna grab them last few post then i can become a real ASN member lol :)
  4. billybravo

    Wanted Bumper Washer jet covers

    Hello all went out for a run in the old girl lastnight and i lost one of my bumper washer covers has anybody got two spare left and right :) regards Craig
  5. billybravo

    1999 Audi TT N/S/F Wing Needed ASAP

    Hello all if anybody has a nearside front wing for an audi TT mrk 1 shape please let me know someone drove into the side of the TT lastweek while it was parked in a carpark no CCTV so ive just going to do the work myself The wings are hard to come by and no one makes copys :( Regards...
  6. billybravo

    IHI VF10 Audi A4 Turbo Upgrade

    Hello All Sorry Ive not been on much as of late but i thought i would let you guys know what i was playing with on the Audi this year. :) I'm going for a IHI turbo swap as i had a good VF10 turbo kicking around the workshop from a scooby who went for a Garrett upgrade. The turbo I'm...
  7. billybravo

    THS 3" Decat install Write up

    Hello Fellow ASN members as there has been some posts of late asking about Decats i thought i would post up my write up for all.
  8. billybravo

    Baptazia :)

    check this
  9. billybravo

    vibe open day live @ TopGear Stockport this sunday

    Hello members We would like to invite you to our VIBE show day live @ TopGear Stockport on the 17/8/08 On the day there will be show cars from Vibe who will also be offering DB testing on your very own install for free. Also people attending the show will be given 15% off the rrp from...
  10. billybravo

    my new Audi TT Mrk 1 225bhp help with vag-com codes 65535

    hello everybody today i picked up my TT which i think is great but i need to sort a few things out can anybody help? here goes the first and the main one which i want to sort AWD 65535 - Internal Control Module Memory Error 00-00 - - It seems to me that this is a faulty Haldex control...
  11. billybravo

    Vibes open Launch day i sat in a R8 :)

    Vibes Open day and Launch day Well Monday we was invited to a trade only launch day, Where Midbass (Vibe Audio) Launched there new range of Car audio called Edge to the dealer network. Edge audio will soon be on sale here at Top-Gear Stockport. On the day Vibe was showing a number of...
  12. billybravo

    What i get upto in the day :)

    i thought i would show you all some of the work we do here there not all audis lol but you get the idea, its been the best thing ive ever done going to work for myself lets start
  13. billybravo

    M60 Ring Stickers in silver

    Hi guys For the ppl living around the M60 i now have the M60 stickers back in stock in silver. i can also get the M25 stickers done for the london crew 2 quid a pop regards craig
  14. billybravo

    Audi A4 1.8T Tuning Guide

    So you got a B5 A4 I.E. 1996-2001.5(1996-1999 = pre facelift, 1999.5-2001.5 = facelift), NICE! However, everyone else has an A4 and lots of them are faster and nicer then yours so before you ask dumb questions, use the search button a lot. also read everything on here. I REPEAT, SEARCH! AND READ...
  15. billybravo

    Really Slow ASN

    In the last few days the site has gone real slow the pages take forever to load up. the rest of the net is fine for me. is it just me or is it happening to everyone?? ASN was the fastist site in my favs now its slower than audizine. help lol regards craig
  16. billybravo

    1.8T a4 dyno

    Here is the video of my runs with the audi-sport members over at awesome gti ySIkLFFmPgc
  17. billybravo

    281.72BHP and 340.82 of Torque 1.8T on K03

    Hello Guys well i thought i would post my results from todays rolling road at awesome gti. With out nitrous i ran 194.68 but i did turn my boost down a little before the run coz now and again i would miss fire on fuel cut. with nitrouse i ran 281bhp at the clutch and max torque was 343.46...
  18. billybravo

    Awesome Gti RR day

    Hello peeps The Rolling road day is this sat the 8th and the day starts at 9.00am at Awesome GTI ****AWESOME'S FIRST AS.NET RR DAY*** **BOOKED FOR 8th MARCH** We've had this up in the A3/S3 Section however I'd like to welcome all AS.NET members to join in. I think the maximum is...
  19. billybravo

    This months Criags crazy ideas boot floor chop

    Hello all as you know i love getting out the air tool and ripping the **** out of my car this week the wheel well has found its place in the skip. ive done this for a few reasons 1, To make room for a twin exit exhaust 2, To make my boot floor flat to take a ATL Fuel Cell 3, maybe...
  20. billybravo

    oh no check this van out on ebay what the **** is that about if you want an audi that much buy one!