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    To sell or not.

    Really thinking about selling my 8y.I have only had it 6 weeks but the more I think about it it's a waste for me as I work away paying for a car to sit there. Webuyanycar has offered £33000 is there anywhere that you guys know that would offer more money?
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    S3 8y booked in for work

    Well I picked my 8y S3 up on Saturday. I really don't like the chrome so I've booked it into the garage to have all the chrome changed to black. I have also ordered a Milltek centre Res pipe for it.which is to be fitted in 2 weeks time. What do you guys think?Do you think there the right mods...
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    Audi s3 8y interior lights

    I picked up my new S3 saloon 8y today.When I drove it tonight I thought wow this is very dark inside the car. There was no lights on in the footwells.My A4 had ambient lighting so it looked good this has nothing.Is that normal?I thought they would have had a couple of led strips in to make it...
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    Advice needed Audi A4

    Hi everyone,I'm hoping someone can help me or give some advice on my problem. I purchased a brand new Audi A4 2.0tfsi black edition in September on PCP. 7 weeks ago I went to pull out at a junction and felt like the car lagged alot and very little power a oncoming car was coming and nearly hit...
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    Hi all my friend had 8 pots of dodo juice wax he said if i took the lat 2 i could have them for £17.50 each the colours are light fantastic and bananna armour,I have a 2006 a4 sline in blue would these work for my car?If not i will sell them for what i paid for them,They say on the tub they do...