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    BBK Check

    Anyone running a BBK may be interested in my recent experience on my MK6 R with a R8 8 Pot Set-up using a Vagbremtechnic Carrier kit that was fitted just over 3 years and 20,000 miles ago Car has never been Tracked and knowing the 1st Owner (Forum Member) like me the Car I believe has never been...
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    I'm Back With Prince Harry's Car

    Hello all again after selling my Sepang RS3 last year and trying a couple of A45s just couldn't get on with them and although some things were better than the Audi at the end of the Day I just prefer and find the RS3 a more comfortable drive so just waiting for the Plate transfer to go though...
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    Is This The Last RS3 To Be Registered

    Don't think you'll see Many 63 Plate Cars. Used Audi Rs3 Hatchback 2.5t Fsi Rs3 Quattro 5dr S Tronic in London, London | Deca Motors International
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    There's A Traitor In The Camp

    Sold The RS3 Couple Of Months Back and picked up it's replacement Yesterday. Only Done about 100 Miles in it so far so can't really comment on performance but So far Ride seems harsher than the RS3 and one big criticism is the Audi Sat Nav isn't a great system but does look part of...
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    RS3 Engine Wins Award Again

    Still Best Engine 2.0 - 2.5 litre (4 Years Running) Engine of the Year winners announced... - PistonHeads
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    How The RS3 Should Look

    Just saw this picture on the Golf Forum interesting Mod for the RS3
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    EPC Light & Misfire

    After a 50 Mile Run today noticed slight misfire in the high rev range (above 5000 rpm) after leaving the Car for a couple of hours returned for home journey to find EPC light on and permanent misfire got booked in to Sytners Leicester for Tuesday but going to ring Audi Assistance in the Morning...
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    RS3 Rival

    Might consider this when replacing the RS3 especially if it starts @ £36K RE: Official: Mercedes A45 AMG - PistonHeads
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    My Sepang RS3

    Hi been a member a couple of weeks and forgot to post up my Pictures so thought I'd share them with you loving the Car tempted to have it remapped as I had a TT-RS before with a MRC Map that transformed in into a different animal but think I'll leave it a copule more months as read of a couple...